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Ever since simulation and management is my favorite game and this game got my attention. I already tried the game few days and this is what I feel need to be improve or add. 

- The fisherman gather took me a hard time considering  the shape of the terrain and the size of the water area is too small. The rotation  only offer 4 sides (North..S..W..E..) but the terrain got almost impossible to build it bcoz sideway or circled shape.

- I love the wide range of products, gathering resources, crops, etc. The more it offer the more it complex. And by that time you must establish a quick view of the recipe. I saw you got a recipe tab but this need to be improve. 

Example: It's good that I can see first what it needs to get right before I can produce certain product. But there must be a way where I can see what can I produce using that product sample BOTTLE, What certain product I can produce using that BOTTLE, where in I can see BARLEY WHISKEY, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, BRANDY.
(Take a look on Capitalism 2 game on how they manage the recipe view this will greatly help.)

-Also you need to enlarge the viewer of the recipe, too small compare to the huge variety of the product. Which took me a hard time to look on it. Feels tight or not enough space.

Will send more feedback while I do play the game. I do love the game due to its complexity but still need to improve on User Experience and User interface. (Sorry for my English not my main language)