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Thoyib Antarnusa

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We are so busy this holiday and we cannot make any progress for our game.

Anyway, we managed to continue this and this is the concept art for our level:

Looking good, eh? But I don't know if I can 'turn' that into code.

Meanwhile, I've coded a little bit and achieve this:

Utilized Tiled as the editor for the map and for generating box2d fixtures.

And I managed to create that track indicator thing on the top of the screen.

These assets are temporary (especially that pink motorbike thing).

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Nothing much happened but I did some programming and did box2d thing for preparation for the platformer mechanic. I made a repo here: http://github.com/tybantarnusa/gocket

We finally got an idea!

There is a company called Gocket. Gocket is a company that provides a transportation service between planet. We are a Gocket Driver, we have to transport our client to other planet. Since we are going to travel around the universe, there are so many obstacles that will make our trip not as easy as it seems.

This game is going to be a platformer game. But we are still brainstorming about the gameplay.

This is the concept art for our Gocket Driver:

Our design team has done a good work!

Now I'm as a programmer must do something too...

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This team was created a long ago but never had a chance to make a game because of life. Now we are going to create our very first game by participating in this libGDX jam.

When the theme was announced, we're still busy studying because it was finals week. Now the final has ended, we're still brainstorming about the idea. Why is it so difficult for us?!

Github: http://github.com/tybantarnusa/gocket
Twitter Update: http://twitter.com/tybantarnusa