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Playing original Celeste Classic, I thought the base was impossible because red is one dash in Classic

How is 500m possible

I don't think this intended, but using bouncy ball and those red bouncepads, you can launch yourself very very far.

how do you hard reset

scatter ball too

What does VAUS mean/stand for?

i think click limit is 15 cps 

you dont

Why did I do this

I got stuck

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Do you think it is possible to get to 1e300 heroes to get level 100 heroes?


I'm not getting more xp...

Living research center on the unique buildings list

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You can click on the menu button and press new city

Food is like the biggest problem at the start and then you have abundance at the end

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Thats because the balls are so big that the second one just stays on the first

29 minutes 39 seconds

anyone else got a sub 30? this took many... many attempts.

How... is this possible

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I crashed when I restarted the game the second time :(

But I got a sub 50

Sub 40 lets go

ye same

Ye same

About the same, but I died 993 times:( PAAAIIIINNNNNN

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Yeah... Whats the worst part? Mine is at the start of the 11th level. Cuz that happens a lot there

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The tower's not that hard, it only took me 2 hours.

The second one took about 1 hour though.