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Thanks for the detailed answer.

Hello, I own the excellent city building game from shark bomb : ex-novo that has a lot of tables for events. 

In what way your game is different? Does it has tables to generate events, factions, resources or is it just the imagination of the players that is used?

The difficulty by scen might not be such a great idea. It seems that plenty of people have backed from that idea who seemed a good one at first. The example that is always cited is when you encounter a boss and his minions.


Is there a printer friendly version of the pdf files ?

just bought the game yesterday ! Nay news about this game add-on ?

cool. i bought the cave scenario and i'm waiying for my kids to play it. i can't wait for the zine to be published.


Great game. I have just one little remarks. There is a little typo at the start of the Equipment paragraph with a missing space (thisdoes) 

I am waiting for more stuff for that game !

One of my goto game for serious settings, for more goofy ones,... The system is awesome

Very nice, I'll give it a go.

hello, any plan to put quest, sneak, mage, below in ONE document with a decent price ?

very nice! Short to the point but still usable!

Great great world map generator. Would you be ok for a translation in French ? I think many people would love that and i can start