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That was pretty fun. Really like the glow and particle effects. Anything thought on sharing the source code? Advice wise I think the movement felt a little floaty. Great job!

Any instructions on using this plugin? It looks great!

Do the tracks have curves and crossings?


Really great set! Would like to see a player laser sword melee attack. That would be great!

What are the dimensions of the sprite?

Yeah I had an issue trying to buy this asset. You might want to check out what is going on.

Cool Beans! Thanks!

These are great, any chance of a version without the guns in their hands so we could use it in a top down shooter? Asking for a friend :)

The ability to add our own graphics would take this to the next level!

 This is great, thanks

Really great work! Would love to see a scifi top down pack next.

Any chance on some ranged attack animations?

Just got a chance to play with this and it is very easy and fun to work with. Would love to see custom sprite particle type supported, but thanks so far for what you have shared! 

These are great! Would love to see a scifi theme asset set too. Great work!

Will this work in GM2?

Would love to see a grappling hook functionality!!!

Very neat cars, looks like the first one is the only one that downloads.

What are the dimensions of the fire?

Any chance on getting this in a version that is easily imported as tiles? Would be nice to bring this sheet into Pyxel Edit and get something to work with. Thanks!

What are the dimensions of the character? Thanks

Thanks! You could even do a seperate asset for the other character archetype sprites.

Grabbed it and its a very neat style. Any chance on getting  a base characters sprites in four directions with it? I would love to use one to make a warrior character in this style. Thanks!

What are the dimensions on the sprite? Also anyway to get a better look at it with animations? Thanks!

I purchased the engine on the YoYoGames Marketplace and I would like to offer my review that it really is a great engine. The developer made such great updates in a quick manner and documented every line. Really great asset!

Wow that was a very nice answer to JohnGames rude response. You took the time to answer their questions and even go out of your way to research help for them. I will grab your asset because of that  and also I really like your assets. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the response, it really is a very nice mix of colors!

Really like the colors in this pack, are you using a common palette?

Thanks for access. I grabbed it immediately! Is there a standard palette you are using for this asset?

Am I the only one that does not see an option to buy this?

Hi I was wondering if the set here is or will be the same as in the Unity Asset Pixel Platformer?

Great pack. Would love to see melee and ranged attacks on the player. Again really nice pack!

That is great, thanks!

Would be great to have an animation for a spell cast, like hands forward like shooting a fireball from his hands!