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Been a while and this code is broken on any relevant.  Thanks. 2019.2 would be fine

** Removed obsolete ComponentDataArray

It is no longer possible to get the older burst libs and the new ones mess up the maths deps.

Basically this great project is now bit rotting to the point of unusable. Any chance?

Just in case, here is a nice article about 2.5 D rotation

I see the view is orthographic so it may not be so easy to do but...  A rotating camera with Q and E would be nice.
It looks a lot like this is actually a 2d game in Psuedo-Iso mode projecting Sprites? so that could be a pain... but doable

When you pause the game, building sounds like Welding crackle should be paused. Stopping sounds is often the reason people pause.
(clicking in and out of the game screen 3 times actually achieves this, somehow)

If there is going to be a disaster like asteroids provide a good amount of time to prep for it so its not GG everytime.
during the Tutorial rather than taking a reference to a specific object and testing for it's presence, check for the presence of a "Type" at "location", it will stop the tut dying.

it would be good if you could provide a gizmo in-game (that is specific to the context) to show how many levels away from your target you are.
An example would be - you are in mining mode - you are attempting to mine some resources but they are 2 levels above where you are. So you could project a +2 or maybe an UP ARROW with a 2 on it, to show how far away from the NEAREST target you are in Z (or Y or w/e you Upness as)

Just first thoughts.  Hope it helps