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I got 64 cars! I have no idea if that's good or not, but I spent some time driving off-road to see if I could get away from the horns, haha (also I was secretly hoping there was an ending where you just idled into the sunset). I very much enjoyed your dramatic menu, but the bus exploding was probably my favorite.

Not going to lie, I let this sit on game over for a while just because the colliding cars are pretty fun to watch. Very bouncy and lively.

I enjoyed the idea! I would only maybe add that it could benefit if there was some way to know  if a car was planning on turning. I thought I was being super clever by activating left and right lights simultaneously on my second go around, only to watch one turn directly into the other.  That way, you may still want to only activate one light but you can get an idea as to whether or not you want to risk it.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I think I uploaded a borked version accidentally, I did a last minute change to make the margins much tighter on gas usage. Oops.

As far as the laser is concerned, I think you're right. I wanted medium and hard to be much more hectic and to add to that I reduced the cooldown, but I think the feel of the game is much better in those difficulties, I agree. It'd be worth it to reduce the cooldown on easy to match up better.

Finally, with the traffic clumping, I absolutely do not doubt it! I spent what feels like 90% of the time in this jam tweaking and re-tweaking traffic spawning so that it was congested but not impossible, and I am not at all surprised to hear that it requires more work, haha.

I like how much this keeps you on your toes! Maybe having right click be road deletion would be helpful too, because I misclicked a few times and accidentally deleted a few cars, giving me a disappointed face, haha.

Hey, I really enjoyed this. I liked the way it was sort of a maze and you had to find your way by moving to different blocks through traffic breaks.

The only thing I'd say is that there were times I felt like I had to actively move out of the way of pedestrians who didn't really care about my presence. It feels... well, pretty realistic actually, having commuted in a few college towns, but it might be helpful to have them at least stop if you're heading towards them but trying to slow down in time.

I like this game! I can tell there was a lot of effort and care put into the art and the things you can interact with. I enjoyed how it was very short and sweet too - it was enjoyable beginning to end. 

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I like this! I really like the balance between simple mechanics and a tight enough restriction - it's enough to make you try and beat your last record, and it's possible to improve and squeeze out that extra bit of ability. I got 10, but I'm sure I could do better. Also, I know you said you wanted to add textures, but I think the game has a kind of charm without them.

I like the concept a lot, and I enjoyed the things you could discover just by experimentation - it made for a fun little puzzle.

How do you do french toast? I got stuck on that one and it seems like there was either a combination I was missing or something else I neglected to do. I got stuck at that point unfortunately but I did really enjoy everything up to that!

Nice! I enjoyed the structure of the difficulty ramp that introduced the different mechanics. It's a good way to get people familiar with Towers of Hanoi that aren't already. Very crisp graphics too, nice work.

Super polished game, and very well done - the leaderboard was a really nice touch! Everything felt good and satisfying to do though.

Was there any differentiation in behaviors between the different utensils? I only ask because I feel like sometimes they didn't pierce through ingredients running by (though I think that happened mostly when I screwed up and hit good stuff), and sometimes I feel like they didn't hit things on the downward part of their arc (though it's probably that was my eyes playing tricks on me).

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to try for a better position on the leaderboard!

I like it! Short and sweet, and the mechanic stays welcome throughout the game (I like how tactile it was)

It might also be nice to have a sort of "maximum" amount of time that the shakers can be off-screen. I like the idea of an extra bit of challenge as you try and snag them, but a couple of times I found myself just waiting for the right spice to appear again and watching the meters go down. Once I did though, it did feel nice to get the meter just right and hit that "Serve Now" button to get it just in time!

Hey, thanks! You're totally right about the instructions. I'm already pretty wordy, and that only gets worse at 5 in the morning, haha.

The pan's a good idea, it would be good to increase the readability more. The pot doesn't really come into play until higher difficulties when the rounds are longer, but essentially you just remove the lid and then hold the stir button to refill the meter, and then replace the lid. Unfortunately the pot is pretty big and covers up a lot of the animations, which I didn't really give myself enough time to address.

Thanks for the feedback though, I appreciate it!