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Heck yeah!

Here I always fed Iolo sticks of butter!

This is the game I 100% didn't know I needed.  Thanks so much for making it.

This was great, thanks so much for making it.  The language switching worked really well.

The little blue squid guy is my favorite

Already is.

I played this game with my 5-year-old nephew, and we both really liked it.  I read it to him, and, uh, fudged only a little of the text.  He picked Finley in the dance competition which I think was the objectively correct choice anyway.  I said the next game is about an invisible wizard and asked him how one can find an invisible wizard and he said that the first person to find him wins.  Maybe that will help you out.  Thank for making this cool game!

This was really neat and had just the right mix of action and puzzles for me.  I also really appreciate the attention to detail (the darts thrower in the tavern won't throw if you're in the way). 

Good luck!

I've installed Adobe Air from Adobe's website but Dino Run still says it can't find it.  Do I need a special version of Air or something?

So I got through the game but I'm a little confused - I think I had some bugs.  I got to the final room but there was nothing to do there, and the description (given the rest of the game) seemed oddly plain.  I thought something had happened, but I went back to the orchard and got the ending there.  Salandre said she would ask me a question, I clicked to proceed, and she acted as if I had answered negatively though I didn't see anyplace where I had an option.  The presentation came off a little clunky as well, I had some black boxes obscure the upper or lower sections of text, sometimes the text overlapped, and the beginning of the game was stuck in a loop until I clicked the optional text.

The game itself is pretty opaque, so stuff like this bugged me a bit since I don't know whether it's intentional or not (I never did anything with the timepiece or the clockwork skull).  I like the game itself, and the presentation is really cool when it works.

This was really sweet.  Thanks for making it.