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Why does Rohan look familiar? I swear I've seen him outside of this game before...


> Unlikable characters and flawed ones are different in a way where the actual narrative is recognizing their flaws or not. The screenshot above suggest Ranok to be in the right despite behaving like a complete motherfucker. <

No it doesn't. It's literally just saying its a decision Ranok's made about Caelan, prioritizing Caelan's physical safety over his emotions, and that Ranok has solid reasoning. Ranok's flaws are made very apparent and mostly addressed, he just literally says he can't change his mind as he believes it would get Caelan killed. He does not want that. 

> that doesn't completely negates his positives qualities < 

> No it does. <

This just makes it seem like you never liked Ranok to begin with and have only been using him for your own selfish gain. Its fucked.

> Ranok isn’t a stupid teenager. He is a grown ass man. <

Ranok just became "of age" the day he met Caelan. Whether that means 16, 18, or 21, we literally don't know. For all we know "of age" is 12 in wolven world. We know he is a teenager, Caelan even referred to Ranok as a teenager once in an earlier chapter. Caelan also referred to himself as "of age" so we don't know how old he is either, but judging from his dream sequence he is around the age one would be in high school or college. 

>  I’m yet to hear a convincing argument how making person behave like asshole all of sudden by getting all defensive, playing a victim card and blaming protagonist for everything bad is a good character writing. <

This is honestly a bad take. Making a decision you know is bad because you have to, trying to shield your friend from the pain of that decision, realizing you've made a mistake about telling them earlier, is not an asshole move its a mistake. He would've been an asshole if he ditched Caelan for no reason whatsoever, but he is doing it cause he has a 100 problems to deal with at once and not a lot of time. He just came back from battle and watched some people die, you think he's going to risk getting his lover killed in some political wolven war he shouldn't have any part in to begin with? Its not a victim card because he isn't exaggerating the problems he has to deal with in an attempt to justify his own actions. It is quite matter a fact, and if anything your downplaying Ranok's mental state and responsibility and it sounds like you would probably rather him indulge Caelan in every selfish request he's made. It's okay to be hurt by Ranok's actions to this point but it's not fair to say he did it for no reason or just to be an asshole. He didn't really blame Caelan for anything either, he stated upfront his own feelings and opinions on things and said that no matter how much he wants to he cannot risk bringing Caelan back to the forest. Caelan's insistent pushing of his wants and Ranok trying to tell Caelan he can't, even when he gets upset and yells about it is not blaming him for everything bad. If anything Ranok says that Caelan is responsible for a lot of good in his life, I can't even remember a line of him blaming Caelan for "everything bad" at any point, if you have some quotes of this blaming I'd like to see it. The best I could think of was him telling Caelan that since he's arrived he opened his eyes to issues/problems he couldn't see before, which is hardly a bad thing to be told. 

If that's what you think then you are deep into Caelan's perspective and the writer has you exactly where they want you. I don't see it as a betrayal, Ranok does not have that intention. He did lie instead of having the grown up conversation with Caelan about him being left in that town; but I honestly feel that even if he did, people would still consider this a betrayal. If Ranok does NOTHING about Caelan's living situation in the the next chapter (if Caelan even stays) then I will in fact, respectfully fuck off. 

I  agree, Ranok should've had the grown up talk. But as was said during the conversation with Tiger whore, neither one is ready for a relationship. Also I think it's unfair to only talk about Caelan's mental state when from what I've observed Ranok has some majorly stressful issues going on, I can't fault a person who has just come of age 16,18, 21 whatever it is its kind of unclear what "of age'" meant, to make relationship mistakes when the only other relationship they've had was manipulative, especially while being in a life or death situation where if they make a mistake someone dies. Not saying it's okay, he could've made better decisions, people are justified in their feelings but not always in their actions and words that follow. I just don't like that people are bad mouthing Ranok as if he wants to do this and that he's just being a asshole for no reason. 

The Tiger Whore could've worded her sentences more clearly and with more tact, but she's literally just some random who met another random person, Caelan got away with "A bit bratty, but that can be forgiven with all you've gone through." When I know I myself if giving him advice on his situation wouldn't have been so kind.  I'm glad you messaged me though I might've been a bit harder on Caelan that I initially considered so this was a good discussion. 

I can agree with most of what you said here. Except Ranok doesn't feel as though he has a choice, you are ignoring what Ranok has said up to this point. His father and his advisor issued the order to leave Caelan, a war is coming up, he will not abandon his tribe, and that Caelan popped the metaphorical bubble of his world view and expanded his line of thinking to the point he's obviously anxious and scared for the future. He doesn't think he can protect Caelan and as of now if he were put in a situation where if it is either Caelan or the tribe he would choose the tribe. He doesn't want to have to make that decision, but it's life or death, so he decided to protect Caelan this way, as it is (from his perspective) the best and only choice to get every outcome he desires, lest he not die in combat. Essentially Caelan's reaction is him lashing out in anger which is understandable. Ranok's choice to lie wasn't one done easily and is more out of desperation. It was not a lie done with the intention of disrespect but as a means to protect Caelan, but even Ranok knew that it was going to fall apart at some point. Ranok even pretends to be an asshole just to get Caelan to hate him to make their parting easier but Caelan see's right through it and shuts it down pretty quickly. Ranok does not want Caelan to suffer, but he doesn't know about Caelan's issues to that extent, we as the player know but remember as of recently Caelan had practically no mental breakdowns to Ranok's knowledge. He knows about Caelan's mental state but not entirely how bad it is because Caelan keeps hiding and lying about it. Ranok know the parting will hurt them both, he constantly says he wants to take Caelan with him and that Caelan makes things he knows is ridiculously dangerous reasonable, but that he cannot risk it. I agree there is a lack of communication but there are reasons on Ranok's part that I can understand, but as for Caelan he has no reason whatsoever to keep the secrets he hides. It's not about respect that Ranok didn't tell Caelan about them leaving, it's because if he told Caelan, he knew he'd actively fight against the idea of leaving him, panic, get angry, and Ranok didn't want that to happen during their last few days together, in that sense Ranok was trying to be kind but also actively being selfish. Ranok and Caelan both do mental gymnastics to lie to each other and justify it to themselves as being kind to the other, when in fact the secrets they both keep do and will affect them both immensely. It just seems strange that Caelan can't understand that until he talks to the Tiger whore despite having done the same thing himself. They're both hypocrites and that dynamic was developed pretty early on. Their lack of communication was very apparent when Howl saw Caelan and it took him so long to tell Ranok, that by the time Ranok knew Caelan was being choked to death. They may not seem like big secrets but I guarantee they will snowball, Anyway all I'm saying is Ranok is not being malicious, he's acting out of a misguided kindness and desperation; also that almost everything the Tiger whore said was accurate.

The words in this image and your comment have no correlation. In the previous statements Caelan asks why Ranok doesn't treat him like an equal, but as a child. Tiger whore asks what Caelan has done up until this point that would make Ranok treat him like a child? And I'll tell you Caelan had done PLENTY to be treated as a frail child in need of protection, especially from Ranok's perspective; almost every time he came home Caelan was hysterically emotional or injured. Wolves are constantly watching him, Ranok is painfully aware of this fact, and at any moment he could be killed, which is why he leaves Caelan with Vulgor. He's been babying Caelan since the very beginning I don't know why people think his opinion would change just because he's grown a great deal attached to him. If anything that would make him want to protect Caelan even more, which is exactly what's happening in the plot. Then right here in this image, and as well in other dialogue she speaks makes it very clear that Ranok is not doing this to treat Caelan like shit. Ranok views Caelan as someone who needs to be protected, he believes with certainty that if he brings Caelan back to the woods, that he will be killed, or they could both be killed. Ranok has loyalty towards his people he has made it clear and this is his way of protecting Caelan while also readying himself for his own responsibilities. Caelan has shown great ability in kindness and Ranok obviously respects that aspect of him but when it comes to responsibility? Ranok has no reason to trust him, to the point I agree with Caelan about being left alone in this town, the day Ranok leaves Caelan is going to get abducted, beaten and mugged, SA'd or spiral out of control mentally. It's not a good idea. Anyway I don't know how after reading the next two lines of dialogue (knowing everything that has happened plot wise to that point) that you came to that conclusion. 

That isn't the reason she called him entitled and selfish. She's referring to Caelan's need for things to go his way while simultaneously ignoring or undermining Ranok's feelings, and the things Ranok believes is important. I believe the Tiger whore called it exactly right when she basically called out Caelan for having main character syndrome. Also Caelan lies fairly often (especially to Ranok) and if I'm remembering correctly for a very similar reason as Ranok is now at one point, to spare Ranok from worrying, getting hurt, or starting conflict. It's called a parallel and it was written well. Caelan is just learning he's being hypocritical and unreasonable. The Tiger whore literally said telling the honest truth to those you know can't bear it will only hurt them, which is why omission of truth is a kindness, even if misguided. That telling the brutal truth is to bring someone down rather than build them up, which is in fact a brutal truth. How people change themselves after the truth, even if positive, does not contradict that statement. So no contradiction when Ranok returns either. If you ask me Caelan did deserve to be treated like a child, it's not entirely his fault cause he has some demon in his head and his circumstances up till now have not been great, but I'd be lying to him too, he extremely unstable and delicate when it comes to the truth as shown in earlier builds. Also Caelan is very much domineering, just look up the definition, it fits him to a tee, especially in the context of the dialogue the Tiger whore is responding to. 

I personally liked the direction of this build more than the last, Caelan and his personality have been on my bad side for awhile now (especially after the previous build) and him getting insight on how awful his behavior and mindset is is such a wonderful development.  Ranoks faults have been apparent for awhile and I'm not sure why you think the writing is attempting to keep him in a positive light, I'd say the exact opposite after this build and the last. After all he did acknowledge his faults, he spoke about them upfront but said he wasn't going to change his mind, no matter how much he wanted to. I really like this build a lot and hope it doesn't get removed because this dangerous rhetoric you think is there seems to come from your own perspective to which I honestly cannot comprehend well, while reading your paragraph I was wondering if we had even played the same chapter. Anyway I'm enjoying the plot and hope the writer keeps up the great work. 

Where is the secret thing I need for the secret quest? I'm tired of looking. 

Do you mean at the end of chapter 7?  Or this whole reality with Ranok and the wolf tribe? Cause neither seem all that perfect or enticing. The only good thing is Ranok, I'm pretty iffy on everyone else.

As far as I know 4.5.8 has chapters 1-6. 

4.7.1 has chapter 7 and that's it. 4.7.1 is the new system they're updating to. 

The answer is Fire. Go to the hot sweaty room.



I like your story so far. Do you have plans to add a status for the main character? Sometimes I wonder what Skills I have, and it would be nice if it had a page where one could go to to get a refresh on old information like the magic. I forgot Charm was considered taboo until the MC said something. 

Thank you

Is this available? For some reason I can only get to hinderlands 1 where the minotaur Strom and P the peacock meet each other then he throws the feather in the flame and becomes human? Then I get "and thats it!" the game tells me 4.0 and not 4.1 despite it saying 4.1 in the files. How would I go about fixing this if this is a problem, i've already deleted and redownloaded several times. help please.

You can have him look normal most of the time, but when he's angry he becomes more monstrous and scary looking.  Just an idea.

Alright, it just felt weird to suddenly stop half way through is all. 

I had something weird happen at the tournament. I fought 2 people and the entire event was over with the General telling me it was impressive fight when we didn't even have to fight. Literally fought the fisherman and the giant and that was it. I thought it was going to rank up in difficulty with us starting at like half arousal but it was just over. I think that wasn't supposed to happen right? 

Unless he was born a Werewolf. If he was born a Werewolf but then transformed into a Human using the cure we used on Bernard/Logan it would be pretty fun teaching him about human society and responsibility, reading, writing, talking, etc. It probably wont happen seeing as how to cure Bernard/Logan you had to use something with a close connection to him to finally fix him. But if you could I'd imagine him being this huge man with white hair and scars all over his body. It would be fun if they did something like that. Also if you could cure the werewolves you capture in the woods it'd give a use for wolf's bane and antilycan since after the event there is practically none, and they could give you rewards for returning them to human. 

I'm not sure what the exact number is but when I checked my file I had 30 like for Gunnar and I could still invite him. 

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Submit to him every chance you get. You can find him anywhere the Caravan is, and depending on whether you submit to the bandits or not he'll show up in a few other places. You can mainly get it up by finding him on the path or by the riverside. He does show up in other scripted events but if you go along with him its only like a +1 for each specific event and I don't think there are that many. 

I wanna cure that bastard. 

Yeah, the writer themselves is gay, he said he wanted to focus on that aspect of the game simply because its easier. He plans on adding more female enemies and npcs at a later point, but his audience is mostly gay men so he may also be catering to them. Just know he does have plans for it later. 

Logan was a fairly good husband. He is aggressive to most people but claims he didn't and would never hit his wife. It was his wife who wanted more and ended up leaving him, Logan talks about this when he mentions how good they had it and all the sex he was having with her; where he explained he didn't know where it went wrong. At some point they started arguing because she wasn't feeling appreciated and loved, which I have mixed feelings about. Logan is a tsundere, he likes his space, his silence, he's shy and hides his feelings with tough words, but he definitely thinks about the people he cares about, he's shown many times that he considers others even before himself. When he charges into the bandits base, when defending the town, even on Halloween if you go to visit he has a present ready for you. He knows how to show love and care. So I think most of the fault lies in his wife. Especially seeing as how Logan still searches for her out in the woods. They never even had a conversation about her leaving, she just up and left leaving Logan to wonder what happened. He was terribly worried even choking the main character thinking we had done something to her when we return the necklace. It's tragic really. 

Not currently

He also mentions Egypt so like.... It's kinda weird. 

Yeah, every time the main character acts out I literally blame it on the ominous whisper messing with his emotions.

I know. Sometimes the main character has me screaming with frustration. I love it, I hate it. I can't wait for more. 

No worries. As long as you feel you are satisfied with your work, that is enough for me. So take as much time as you need until you feel good about the stories you create. 

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See I don't actually know. That actually bothers me a lot. How can you truly know you've remembered something if you've forgotten it to the point you couldn't even imagine what it was like? Or what if it's something I've just imagined? People tell me stories about myself that I don't remember but I also have memories of others that they don't remember or memories that are inaccurate but did happen. It's hard to know what's real or not without verification. It was weird how my memory came back cause I went to bed with no memories of my past then the next morning woke up remembering pretty much everything (I think?) so it's hard to say.

Oh, the new update isn't out yet. Version 0.4 only had it's release date revealed for December 15th, so unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer. 

In 2018 I was in a car accident which led me to having a mild case of amnesia, 28 days of no memories. It was an extremely interesting experience and I've become slightly obsessed with the idea. You learn a lot about who you are as a person. For example, I was gay before, during and after my experience with amnesia. I was in the closet before my amnesia, but during the time I couldn't remember, I was flirting with the doctors, my brother, and my uncle.  It was an unusual and awkward way of coming out as gay.  I just felt like sharing that for some odd reason, also I am up for any questions. 

Yeah, there are a lot of very important differences in FBTW's writing and story telling. From what I've seen Isekai genres tend to have fairly similar story telling for beginnings. It's how the story progresses after that that really matters. 

True, Maccon is exactly my type as the player. But for Jayce the character, Tom is definitely it so far.

You know, I thought it was similar as well. Two main characters who are essentially kidnapped and brought into wolf world. The main love interest whos flirty, the other who is seemingly disinterest if not disgusted by you, then the woman who cares for both of them. The main love being the son of the chief an important figure. The themes of death and the afterlife. The magical/mystical voice that speaks to the main character while he's alone/asleep. And so much more if you want to get nitpicky. I'm personally more invested in this story than Adastra but I do get your point. 

Very good.

That just made my day. I’ll inform you on any more glitches/inconsistencies I find.