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was looking for a valentines day game to play an found this an was like alright ill play it , i was haven a good time, thanks for making it and also here 

ha ha ha you monster if you put pineapple on pizza XD lol  and im glad you enjoyed the vid 

this was a fun game , saw someone play a little bit of  it and wanted to play it before watching the rest and ofcourse here is this thing XD 

i never got the chance to play the demo so thank you for letting me do that and here this just popped up if you wanna check it out and again thank you 

ha ha very short an funny game, also that x was a tease XD 

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ha ha didnt get all the candies but i was having a good time with this game, thank you and also the unique game mechanic was pretty cool ,here is my playthrough of it   as well