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just got done playing this game awhile ago and not gonna lie it got me with the spooks and was pretty enjoyable.

  thanks for the fun time 

just finished your game awhile ago and it was entertaining  i wouldnt of minded some more levels  it was fun , thank you also here 

well this made me feel like i got a ps5 when i dont have one yet XD thanks 

i had a great time playing this and it shows how to deal with people who put pineapple on pizza so that makes this even better  XD 

it was weird, creepy and got me to jump.... good job XD annnn here  

i remember the pt demo an glad people were inspired by it to make games like this, it was pretty scary and entertaining  

this is a very weird and interesting games and even after finishing it i was still like what did i witness XD good job , also here is a play-through of it 

found this why strolling through and it was pretty cool, im glad i got to play this, thank you for making this  and also here 

this was a interesting game and some of the jump-scares did get me a little , just a little thought, good job  

just got done playing this and it was entertaining, the baby is disturbing  and was kinda funny  , had a great time babysitting the demon baby as you can see 

had alot of fun with this, luckily i wasn't disarmed to much XD 

this game was short, fun and a interesting way to quit a game XD  nice   

ahh no problem and no problem 

i am a man of culture so ofcourse had to play this game lol 

this is the third siren head game ive played and   it is awesome and  it hit me with  all the creepy man, thank you  for making this 

the dab is dead so i thnk i can play this without getting judged right XD so yeah i played it an was  pretty entertaining  for a short run through  an yes a vid for you all   

was a pretty fun experience , so thank you for making this and also here 

just got done playing this and good job it was a great experience to play also recorded it to showoff you know :)

just got done playing this an the atmosphere is great , siren head is great i did have some deaths from some invisible siren head but all in all good game and here it is the first vid for my new channel 

dont know much about siren head an i seen people on twitter talkin about it and was lucky enough to come across this game, thank you  it was entertaining for  its length  and here  

i had fun playing your game an  it was a all around good time so good job and also  here is a video i did of it as well  

i thought it was a pretty cool game  thanks for making it , stay awesome 

played your game an it brought me back to when i was a kid with a somewhat crazy imagination playing with toy soilders and other toys at the time XD, good job also random video lol 

got done playing this game yesterday an it was enjoyable, thank you for making this an here is my playthrough of it 

high five and keep it up 

this was fun an i suck as music but i did enjoy the bongo cat XD also here is me having a great time: 

found this little game today and thank you for making it it was enjoyable , hope you continue with it and also keep up the hype 

just got done playing your game and i was having a good time, thank you . there was a part were something happened and i dont know if it was a bug or glitch but the you died screen stayed on even after i revived , also recorded it ofcourse :) still good doe : 

well it was creepy an scary and it was entertaining, thank you also here is my play through of it  

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i just found this today and was like man only if i found this  during christmas XD , it was fun kicking the little elves  also here is my gameplay ofcourse 

this game is very weird , but very entertaining  even if there was not much to do and no sound , good job 

this was a very enjoyable demo , you are awesome just like this little game and also here is me petting said doggos  

just got done playing this game, i decided to play it cause of the pun XD and it was a blast an yeah it does have some issues but i had a great time, thank you . also i recorded my gameplay if ya wanna check it out  

ha ha this was a fun experience an of-course i got through it like a boss, so thank you for the fun game you made 

also i recorded my run through if ya want to take a look 

Not Alone community · Created a new topic had a great time

had a great time with this game, so thank you for the ride, the atmosphere was great had my hair stand on ends a an also the jumpscares got me, oh an dont forget that twist ending, how dare you lol XD good job oh here i did record my gameplay of it  

was looking for a valentines day game to play an found this an was like alright ill play it , i was haven a good time, thanks for making it and also here 

ha ha ha you monster if you put pineapple on pizza XD lol  and im glad you enjoyed the vid 

this was a fun game , saw someone play a little bit of  it and wanted to play it before watching the rest and ofcourse here is this thing XD