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Great! Sorry for not responding earlier,. I just started "redeveloping" the game to make it atleast look better and more fun. Do you have discord or something in where I can talk to you?

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Yes this is made in unity. This game was more of a test and still has a lot of work. I currently stopped working on it but I wouldn't mind start working on it again and making it better. What are some things you can do?

Great Game!  I would love to see new guns or some sort of leveling system added into the game. Something else that would also help is if the camera moved with the player. Other than that great job! Keep up the good work!

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Hey thank you for your feedback. We had soo much more planned for the game with inventory UI , combat and more music and storyline but unfortunately out of the 6 days we had 2 of them were missed due to sickness and other issues while one day was spent only on figuring out some freaky problem in the game.  Don't forget to keep up with the game because we are planning to fix up everything and adding tons of new features!