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Hey @Madwolf Studios. Given what you're saying here, the original post before buying this asset was misleading for me. I'll clarify some points you've mentioned. 

• it's a basic engine (stated in the post) - I see a difference between "very easy-to-use" and "basic". Advanced tools might be very easy-to-use while not being basic.

• the reason that this thing is paid it's almost exclusively because of the music  - reading "demo song to showcase the effect", didn't seem as the main reason to pay for this.

• 95% of the code assets you can buy are actually pretty simple scripts or small engines made for the comfort of the more novice users - ah, lovely hasty generalization, let me link a few logical fallacies here: As Abraham Lincoln once said "90% of the stuff you read on the Internet, is not true".

I am not here to spit on your asset, I think the sample music is very solid creation and it would be nice to collaborate on some music for one of our games in the future. My intention was to make other potential buyers aware of what to expect and in my case I just threw 2USD out of the window, if you get my point.

Offtopic: I've checked Project Bullets, it has very nice scanlines shader/VFX. I would be glad to buy that one from you.

I was really hoping for some more intricate dynamic music system for GMS2, but this ended up being just a simple usage of the audio sync group functions so it was a waste of money in my case.

No problem, which language/tool have you used to create this?

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would it be possible to get Mac version of the tool? Thanks,