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Hi, you can contact me through Discord.

You should have the details in the plugin's info.

Thanks !

This bug has been dealt with. ;)

It only locks the armor type listed for the listed actors.

You can see it in the demo. Some actors have their shield slot free and the 5th actor has everything free.  ;)

I don't have a dedicated website yet but you can find all my plugins on my profile page

For commercial projects, this plugin costs 15$.

You can use it for free while your game is still in development/crowdfunding. ;)

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You don't need an actor notetag for that, since you choose which actor you display. ;)

Thanks :)

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I just reuploaded the files. Some pictures were missing that could most likely cause the game to crash when gaining/loosing align points.

I'm making this thread to gather feedbacks and questions about the demo version.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Really nice ambiance.

The final boss was quite hard !

For your information, The "Fire3" SE file is missing causing an error to pop up near the end.

Thanks for your comment ! :D

Beeing focused on story telling and choices, It could almost have almost been a VN for sure. I had some fun myself writing the bad endings. ;p

Good job.

Those guards moving randomly can be challenging if you're unlucky. lol

A simple puzzle room that can be very short or a bit longer to solve !

It took me a few tries :)

Simple but nice.

The confirm sound feels a bit out of place though.

It was interesting. :)

Nicely done ;)