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this game looks interesting! not sure if i can play it on my own bc the content warnings make me a bit squeamish to go through, but i'll gladly make fanart whenever i get the chance to :]

Delightfully grim. I wonder what happened to the boy afterward.

Hello! I'm...back again, I guess.

I'd just like to apologize for what I said here a week or two ago. I was looking at the game through a jaded critic's lenses instead of my own, and wasn't able to get invested as a result. Looking back, this game's actually pretty interesting. Can't wait for future updates.

Does interactive fiction made by Twine and similar programs count as games?

Aww, thanks! Always wanted to make this game somewhat wholesome (considering how dark my games usually are).

Thanks for playing! You see, I actually did find a choice dialogue hack in Borksy (which would've made things much easier), but it was incompatible with the version I was using, and I didn't want to break anything...

Oh, yeah! I was thinking about removing the invisible walls but then went "nahh..." for some reason. I was also torn between making my own music (which I'm not very good at) and using royalty-free stuff: there's an engine for incorporating music into Bitsy games, but I didn't feel like adding yet another engine...

Thanks for playing. That also would've been preferable, but the Bitsy version I used did feel a bit janky at times when playtesting...

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Thanks for the feedback! I made this with a bitsy engine which meant that dialogue boxes were tied to character movement, but I'll see if I can work with your suggestion in the future!

Just took a look at that, my...what an ending. 

I feel like they'd both be friends and try to tear each other apart at the same time.

My apologies (for both my tone and the late reply). I usually prefer reacting to other people play horror games (as I hate having to experience loud noises and jumpscares myself), and also tend to carry a cynical tone around recent horror games I find due to being disappointed with releases I had hope for in the past. I'll delete my comment if it upsets you.

i danced before i perished. it seemed fitting enough

expects something dark...proceeds to become 3rd dimensional

Well...perhaps I should've been more specific. You're inspired by Bunnyfarm, and while I get that, it does venture a bit too far into its formatting. (Beginning cutscenes + minigame that goes wrong quick + deep lore).

Alright, so...I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but based off playthroughs I've seen, I'd like to make a criticism of the game's story.

I'm not a huge fan of it.

If I remember correctly, you said you were inspired by stuff such as The Walten Files and Petscop. I don't mind inspiration at all. The problem is, it feels too much like the games you're inspired by and too little of its more original qualities. The Walten Files was technically inspired by FNAF, but differentiates in multiple different ways that make it original. I'm not saying you're a bad writer; I'm just saying that the story could use multiple improvements to make it stand out more.

Another minor non-story criticism I have involve some minigames forcing you to restart everything (including cutscenes) after one mistake. Stuff like that can get annoying and time-consuming quick. You should at least include a lives system where messing up three or even five times forces you to restart.

I played this game some time ago. A while after I did, I checked out a post on Reddit about disfavored gifts in SV. Some of the comments talked about how nothing they gifted to Clint made him happy, and a select few mentioned him being "creepy". It reminded me of this, and I almost told that person to play this so they'd understand. It's a shame that even now people still misunderstand Clint's character.

damn, should've read the description before playing. was not expecting this at all. it's been a year or two, so i hope you're doing alright.