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Nice concept with a strong message ! that is really deal the real and future problems with technological invaders in space.

That's simple but efficient !
Good Job !

The low poly graphics are awesome. Lights and fx are really good ! you concept is really cool.

Love trees and the world will be better !

Nice one ! your really surprised me when the frog is climbing under logs :)
Nice concept - Good Job !

Thank to your feedback.
I want to make something different, when i coded player movement, my mind told me "move it with keys ... nope it would be too simple" so now my friend is the trigonometric circle but it gave me a hard time.
I wanted to do something that make the player curious and a little surprised with a concept really simple.

It's really awesome ! moving is slow and feel jump in space. your graphics are very nice especially animations. You also add some differents mechanics it's very interesting.
Really nice one!

Arts are pretty good ! Gameplay and controls could be improved but that's a Good Job !

Nice concept but i find it difficult. i think it would be better with a simple melody.
Good job.

Your game is full of details, I miss a bit not being completely at ease in English but it seems to be really interesting.
Good job !

Quite simply awesome !! It's like a gold nugget.
All of this game is interesting. Keep it in mind.
That's all.

It's a really good experience ! As you say "Need more levels". Gameplay mechanics are interesting.

Really nice !

Nice ! I find it difficult but good job !

Wow ! Thanks to all the team for making this game.
Your graphics are so cute ! The gameplay is cool, sounds are good, i like animations. 
Congratulations ! 

Thanks for comment. I know the glitch in fullscreen mode that's why I disabled the fullscreen button. 

I am proud to have made my first game in a few days. I would have more time to polish it (add sound and solve bugs) but my first idea is here and it's works. So that's a really good experience to me.

Nice one ! The robot seems really happy although the game is difficult to finish.

I dont know if i don't understand your concept or if the game is bugged. In fact it's a strange experience.

The game is not loading.

Awesome !

I am very impressed with the work you have done !
Your graphic assets looks pretty good. Respect !

Great !

It's a good game. It's a shame that you haven't added an original feature related to the theme.

Note that score and highscore aren't displayed.

Good job.

Nice one !

Your game is simple but it works perfectly. Great game !