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Twilight Sparkle

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Oquonie communityCreated a new topic No sound
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At some point after completing the initial office area, absolutely all music and sound effects cut out from my version of the game. It seems to be linked to my current save? The intro anim has sound effects, and if I change my save out, it regains sound effects and audio. Is this intended? Using uxnemu (2 Sep 2023) on Linux.

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sound's perfect on dosbox 0.74-3 from my package manager, on void linux, using pulseaudio. i manually typed in the autoexec commands and didn't set any config

Hi! Whenever I'm playing with the provided DOSBox install, my audio will occasionally make odd chirping sounds.

Here's the full log:


btw page 21 and 22 are duplicates?

put my social security number in and Iris showed up at my house. seeking advice

write your message here and it will be sent across the radio bubbles

Any way there could be Linux versions alongside the Windows and Mac versions? Played this game on Windows for a good bit (fun stress relief), and I want to try out the new update, but I've recently moved to Linux and it's only got versions for Windows and Mac as far as I can tell.

got rickrolled in 2021

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Addictive as hell, beautiful in beefy PC mode for a stickman game, needs an endless mode.

Going into %AppData%/Paradise and deleting the local storage folder should fix the Ctrl-Shift-N issue, at least.

(No clue what to do on Linux.)

I pressed Ctrl-Shift-N and now everything is gone. I can't learn or anything.

Holding the map from the ghost...

"Cast the map" -> Unknown spell 'map undefined'.

"Use the map" (nothing happens, can't even press enter)

"Move the map" -> "Invalid use of the "false" action. For more details on how to false, type "learn to undefined"." (everything recommends "learn to undefined")

Delightful hotel

It interferes with ShareX, so if there's any way that could be fixed, that'd be lovely.