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Unfortunately, a couple nights ago... My development drive died, and I did not have a proper full backup of T.A.R. so there will be no further additions or updates. BUT... I have a new VR game in development... So watch out for that one soon!!!

I posted the final version recently... hopefully you can get a chance to try it out. Thanks again for making such great tunes for people to use!! My next game is in the works, so I will be dipping into your spookier tunes this time.

Had a member of my discord test the latest Linux build, he uses Manjaro too, and everything was working fine for him.

DANG!!! Sorry about that... I have no way to test the Linux version myself, compiled it for a friend, who didn't mention lack of sound. I'll see what I can do

Yo!! Welcome!

Excellent tracks!! Perfect classic arcade feels.... featured these tunes in my game Time Attack Rally @

Soooooon! Hopefully. hahaha

Nothing released to the general public... but a single player target shooting training area for my gaming group.... and a multiplayer "VR HQ" for my game group with various physics based bar and sports games, shoot range, climbing wall and dance/music area.

AMAZING framework for creating a VR project with automatic hand posing when grabbing objects, plus lots more!!! Throwing things also feels really nice and "correct to life" as compared to other VR games and frameworks. Many options to work with and full access to all the code to make any changes or expansions ya need for your game creation needs. And guns with physic recoil and many other bonuses!!!

Heck of an excellent physical movement system!!

Love this game as well!! The new enemies and more varied dungeons are great. I am enjoying much about this latest build.

Started this itch account to report that there are issues with the throwing knives and picking things up for me as well. After my first death things got strange. I was able to "reset" sometimes by going into the test area then hitting it's clear and exit button. Also, sometimes the info panel for weapons would state that I had something equiped when I tried to, but was unable to pick it up. Sometimes one hand, sometimes both. When pushing trigger to get the knife, the "bugged hand" will just drop the knife, not hold it.

AWESOME GAME!! Love seeing it grow! Multiplayer someday??