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this was super funi might add a cool down between throwns (not very long) because i just spammed clicked and it was ez

my mac worked fine

I liked the game, at the title screen the character says noice, im watching a tapl video while playing and he said noice at the same time it was wacky

question when do you think the next update will be?

i suggest keyboard contolls

this is super fun


You could not play a truly realistic life game, it would take a lifetime

Fun game maybe you could have different guns?

Fun game i found an easy way to walk past the first cave super easily

very fun game i think that the courage system was unique

Fun little game i wish there were more levels though

Neat little game the music was a bit loud maybe you could add volume sliders?

This game was super fun

Neat game maybe you make a mode where it slowly increases in difficulty

thank you that fixed the issue its a great game

I played the web version And i couldn't move at any time the poratls work but i couldn't move

Oh my Gosh this is too scary, great game I havent finished it i need to take a break before i pee my pants

Fun game I played 10 times trying to live a perfect life... its not posible

Great game! I played the web version and it ran very smooth this had great movement nd personally i liked it better than fireboy and water girl

I loved the game it worked vey well

I enjoyed the game it had a cool story I played the web version and it ran very smooth which is often a problem with the web version i would recomend this to a friend if i had any

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good game but it needs some sort of explanations on the controls in game and sometimes it doesn't fill up your blood counter

I played the web version and there is a bit of input lag but If i had a newer system (i use a 7+ yrs old imac) this is a great game maybe could just use dome optimizations