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Thanks Utahana ! Indeed it's not that easy. The complexity of balancing a game :-)

Thanks Jackson :-) Have a blast ^ ^

Thanks to you Damoch for playing !

Thank you so much Kelvets :-) I'm really happy you liked the game and the spirit it conveys. And it's great you played it with your girlfriend. I wish you both lots of free love !!

Here you go HughCarroll :-) The licence for the music is CC-BY-NC-ND

Bravo !!!

Thanks a lot Bowie13 :-) And bravo for having beaten the game !

Salut Akamis, merci beaucoup pour ton retour ! Je suis heureux que mon jeu t'ait plu :-)

You're a tenacious person ! Bravo ^^ but please don't die too soon

Thanks a lot for your video :-) And for having played my game till the end despite it was so laggy !

Merci beaucoup et bien joué ! Il y en a 3, en effet :-)

Bon appétit :-)

Thanks ! I'm really glad you enjoyed my little game :-)

Merci beaucoup :-)

Thanks man ! :-)

Thanks a lot for your video and your comment :-)

Hi everyone ! This little post to tell the world that my little game is now released :-)

You will meet Laura and her boyfriend Diego. They have to talk a bit about their relationship.

You can play it on browser or upload the windows build. There is an english and a french version.

If you stumble upon bugs, do tell me. Have fun !

ok merci !

Salut :-) je me demandais si l'entrée comprenait un verre ou pas ? Et aussi s'il fallait absolument préacheter le ticket ou si on pouvait le prendre sur place le soir même ?

That's the reason why fullscreen mode exists..

Merci Hieronims :-) J'ai joué au tien aussi. J'ai échoué au troisième niveau. La musique est super, j'aime bien les pizzicatos et les choeurs derrière.