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I'm starting to examine the existing PoD options out there. Print books are really hard right now with how much prices have risen lately.

I currently have no plans to Kickstart Mountain Home but I have not written it off completely. At the moment, I'm not sure what value a Kickstarter would add to the game besides going to print. I don't want to be in a situation where I'm trying to charge people a second time and not giving anything new.

As you may have read in the other discussions, while the page numbers are currently listed in the book as "TBD", they are all accompanied by accurate hyperlinks that take you to the correct section. These have remained TBD because my layout software doesn't support dynamic page numbers to make links update correctly as page numbers change and the book text has still been changing. This is the case as of latest July update.

The release that I am working on this very moment adds what I intend to be the final new material and will also replace the "TBD" with page numbers. This introduces the possibility that they become wrong in the future, but enough people dislike the page numbers not being in the book that it seems to be necessary.

You can see how the game has evolved since it initially released in the updates in the Development Log.

Not as of February 2022. Sorry!

Thanks for your interest! Let's get in touch privately and talk.