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I think you might have better luck if you download! Not sure if progress is meant to stay on browser mode, haven't used it though

v cute :]

Hello haha possibly dumb question, has the game been released? If so, where could I find it?

just saw that there's an update??? thank you to the devs for giving me another excuse to replay this. love this game, its artstyle, music, and overall vibe are incredibly comforting to me :) 

Love it so far. Art style is very nice and simplistic, just very clean and intuitive, least to me... am looking forward to more progress on the game. :)

keep coming back to this game bc its just so comforting, love the cozy feel :))

if anybody's reading this: USE ELIAS'S CARDS !!! the ones that copy the last card the opponent played i mean - those are insanely useful. personally i found the game pretty easy when you get the hang of it, just focus on having around half a deck of those copy-cards (i forgot the name whoops) and having the rest be cards that have two symbols on each side. this allows you to adapt to whoever you're talking to the easiest. i usually had one card that was kind of the card i had to cycle out, since you have to replace a card after each conversation.

if you have certain people you want to talk to, then for that playthrough definitely focus on keeping cards with their symbols - it's okay if you fail conversations with other people you don't care as much about. though i could never do that without feeling bad, so i think that's why i focused more on trying to be able to adapt to whoever i was talking to even if it ended up with me always being on thin ice haha.

luckily for most situations you're able to make one or two mistakes in a conversation before completely failing it, so it's okay if you're unlucky with fatigue or something. if i have more free time on my hands i might create a more in depth guide though i dont think anyone would read it anyway heh

amazing game

fun game! was cool that you got to choose the appearance of your companions as well. someone else mentioned curl being op and i mean, kinda? but i enjoyed taking all my enemies' stuff lol


man this is amazing, cant wait for the last chapter to release.

aaaa so good! still getting through all the endings. personally i think it'd be cool to have some sort of log of the endings you've gotten.. but hey, guess i have screenshots.

man that klaus ending. love her