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We already started on a unity game, feel free to join the discord if you would like to participate.

Here's the discord link for the game jam:

For this jam we will be voting on one game to work on and complete it together as one team(...unless we get a ton of people, then multiple teams) The event will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah but you are welcome to contribute remotely if you live somewhere else. We will have a discord set up that you can use to communicate with the team. I'll post the invite link on here once the jam gets started. No guarantees on how much of the legal side you will be able to catch by working remotely though. You might just get a couple of paragraphs explaining what/how we did that part. Anyways, Welcome to the Jam! If you'd like to present that game idea let me know and send me some sketches, a demo, or some screenshots and I'll present it with the rest at the event.