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Had the same issue. After you install the game thru itch's "install" button, - you need to manually launch the .exe without the itch inteface: just double click "Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4_07.exe" file in wherever folder it installed itself. Solved the issue for me.

The save file is called "TTv4_Save.sol" which should be in C:\Users\-user-\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\-random text-\localhost\-your install path-\Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4_07.exe\

You can check if its being created/updated when you save your game.

same question. any way to copy the saves over? where are they stored?

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I do. 9 GB free should be enought. And I just press "install" button on the store's page.

I updated the client and now I see the error "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website". and I no longer can press "install" button.

From there the page redirects me to where the file is hosted, and asks me to download the "MEGA desktop app" to download the file. Because supposedly the firefox can't handle it.


Dev, can you please comment? 

fails to download for some reason. after I press "install" it just says "downloading..." for a second and then the button label changes to "install" again. can't figure this out yet. I'm on Windows OS.

Linux release?

How do I install on Linux? This page says that linux is supported.
But when i press install it only lets me select
"...7.1.1 PC..."
and displays error:
opening archive: creating zip extractor: zip: not a valid zip file

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What's wrong with the feral toad battle? The last toad always summons the 1 more toad and I'm playing infinately for the last 1-2 hours. this is absurd...
edit: in the end I left 1 girl in the tranfrogrify state and it seems it caused to stop last frog alive to summon 1 more. or maybe just coincedens...

The game is v.1.13 here and v.1.14 on steam right now. Why?
Do you update the game on itch less frequently?