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3 days ago, right before I'd posted the comment. On I've noticed a a few times that the in-browser games didn't load correctly or took too long. I don't really know how I fixed it, but I guess I must've reloaded it a few times? So maybe try that.

This was an awesome game! I've played heaps of text-based story games like this and they were always sort of dissatisfying. But this! I got to see what the patients did, every time I thought it would end and I'd have to go find something else to play, it kept going. And I was glad it did! I know paths on Twine and whatnot are tedious to make, but this turned out so well. Fuckin' cool.

this was so fucking funny i love i love FUCK so good my friend

This is a really cool game, dude. There should be more stuff like this out there, this is a nice, short, realistic (?) experience and I dunno, being a dispatcher was sort of fun. Cool as bro.