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A member registered Jul 10, 2020

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Cute! Would play again with more updates!

Further feedback:

-Maybe add more to the linked mechanic - maybe they can use it as a rope to swing to other platforms? 

-That being said, playing singleplayer wasn't really an issue; as long as they were clustered together I could essentially treat it as one character if I wanted to. I dunno if this is a positive or not, but that was how it was.


nice concept, cool execution.

had some bugs and got softlocked a few tiems,

noice game, cool concepts

obviously had some bugs, but hey, It's a game jam.

i like

Yeah bit confused on how to win (i know its impossible) 

Cool gameplay doe :D

Awesome cutscenes (good audio-visual pairing :) and gameplay based on a cool concept!

<I did have resizing issues that made the game substantially harder>

Fun concept :D 

I wasn't very good, so maybe a checkpoint system or something along those lines could be implemented, but very nice :))

Had a lucky first run then couldn't do it again. Fun :)

Great! Played through 20+ waves, liked the combat system. Also "whOOOooooooOOOH" nice art :)

hey me happy too, i got to breed socks so i can't really complain.

...Geez this is kinda easy will it get harde-oH mY gOd!!

Nice :)

Dis is good game :) Dunno what a good score is but I got 81 1st attempt

Noice! Sure the Wizard be tall, but that just means you need to get better at it. Well done.