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My review of Wildermyth. It was a game I started in beta what feels like a LONG time ago. This turn-based RPG has the heart and soul of an old school RPG, but with quirky modern sensibilities. It's dynamic "procedural" storytelling really allows for a unique experience as your characters progress, grow older, and change. Mostly, I just dipped in and out of this game in small chunks as there wasn't a single overarching story to hold my interest, but what was there was captivating. Also, the tabletop RPG feel of the game, with its card-like characters and its graphic novel-esque cutscenes were always appealing. If you want to play a game that has elements of a lot of games, but ultimately feels completely unique, this is it.

Had a chance to play a couple versions of the demo and I can say it is truly becoming an awesomely FUN little game! As a big fan of turn-based games (OBV) it scratches that itch perfectly, with quick and fluid movement/combat, and it also taps into the RPG desire to explore and discover things on your own. You can build your little fox in a few different ways - melee, ranged, or magic or sneaky stuff (no magic or sneaky in the current demo tho). It is also a nice change from the typical fantasy RPG tropes of elves and devils, with a cool intro that sets the world up nicely (I seriously love that intro). The dev still wants feedback so feel free to comment after playing or even better sign up for the discord after giving it a go! He's very responsive and I've appreciated how much I feel a part of the development process so far. Honestly, it's a free demo! You have no excuse not to...

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This is exactly the game I’ve been looking for without even knowing I was looking for it. The pixel graphics might turn you off at first, but that’s part of the experience- it’s intended to evoke old school RPG dungeon crawling in the vein of Ultima with a dash of Diablo. It’s not a party-based game though, you are Colmen, one man on a quest (multiple actually). The movement and combat will appeal to old school RPG fans, rogue-like fans, and even Diablo fans. You start in a town, explore a dungeon full of baddies, collect loot and upgrade your equipment and skills. It is turn-based and monsters move and target you as you explore. However, you have an arsenal of skills and spell scrolls to collect and use in your quest. It has decent replayability as you can try different builds and those builds can develop organically based on equipment stats and your whims.  The latest build has about 80% of the game finished with a 5-7 hour run time, which can be more if you replay. The developer Felix Laukel (@coldi) is still looking for feedback and ways to improve the experience. I highly recommend giving this little gem a try and let the dev know how much you appreciate his old school turn-based dungeon crawler, they are in short supply nowadays.

I wrote my love of Colmen's Quest of D&D about it recently on my blog which is longer but here is the basics: "It was exactly the game I’ve been looking for without even knowing I was looking for it... I would highly recommend giving this demo a try and let him know how much you appreciate his old school turn-based dungeon crawler, they are in short supply nowadays." Funny to quote yourself, but yeah, I agree me. I want everyone to find, play, and support this demo so it will get made into a full game. It shows real promise.

Yes, I finally got it to work. You have to go to your web page not on the itch desktop app, download, then run the .exe file. Somehow I missed a step earlier. Great game!

However, just a general comment I want to make. I am not putting any blame on you, I think this is an itch problem, but their UI and explanation about issues like this is minimal or non-existent. I know they are a small team but the latest publicity they have received due to bundles and whatnot should hopefully get them some funds to work on this platform. I will continue to use it of course, I really like playing and testing indie games, but if you any influence on them please tell them - FIX and IMPROVE your platform PLEASE!

Sorry, I'm still confused, it says  "Includes: - native PC version (Windows)" but when I download all the versions on this page, click on "manage" and find the folder there is only the ROM (which you explain in the .txt file requires emulation). Unless I'm missing something, is there a "native PC version" available on itch? Could I play it on Steam instead? I would prefer not to do emulation if the native PC version is possible. Thanks!

Seems like a cool game, but once the Installer-1.0.1.exe is installed on the desktop app it doesn't lauch the game but just opens up this page in a web browser. Am I doing something wrong? Or do you have to open it outside of the desktop app?