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Is there a guide for the game? Literally been playing for an hour and still don't even know how to shower or where everyone is lol

Yes I can see that! But what about season TWO? I'm wondering if chapters 1-5 for season TWO can be available on windows

So I'm seeing that chapter 6 for the second season is on windows but what about season 2 chapters 1-5? Could you also have them downloadable on windows so I can play them? If you could that would be amazing!

When is all of the second season going to be downloadable for windows? I've played season 1 chapters 1-10 and love it I would like to play more

It doesn't let me message you through twitter? Where else can I contact you?

Yeah I’ve gone howling with him and I also brought beer and drank with him in the barn as well, though I don’t know about the walk event ?

That's only for patreon subscribers I'm assuming, don't think you can find help on this public forum.

This choice wasn't unlocked for me? I've done his date night multiple times but it's all the same options, no new one for sleeping with Caleb?

After the first day, I'm given the option to go look for Norman for food since I'm hungry, but after selecting it, there's no text and nothing happens. Is this a bug ?

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Where do you buy them ?

How did you get to the fair? Neither the halloween thing nor the fair is showing up in my game

Only a blowjob scene comes up for me, and I've done it 3 times. Is there anything else I need to do to have sex with Booner?

For the outdoor fun scene, which one do you choose? Caravan? Masturbation? Group of drunk guys?

Since I finished everything in the game (uh I think I did), when is the next update going to be released to the public? I can't wait to play

Thank you for responding! I did a hard grind and did everything. Now, I'm waiting on I think like 3 quests to be written more since I've reached the end of the content it has so far.

Ok so I have a number of things I’d like some answers to if anyone could be so kind.

1. Are we able to romance Roushk? If so, how? All I can do is private training but I don’t know if I’m missing a scene or something.

2. How do I romance Logan? I’ve managed to get his like meter pretty high but now, nothing I do creates a scene with him or brings up the like meter. I have yet to do anything else with him besides the one time I managed to go into the forest with him, no intimate scenes or anything. I chose to have him defend the town in this run, does that matter?

3. I know there’s some kind of story I need to play through but I’m having difficulty understanding what to do. Can I turn the werewolf back into human? I’ve gotten as far as the riverbank but I don’t know how to get to the other town.

4. Kinda going off of 3, is there a time limit for when the game ends? Or do I just keep going until I finish the story?

Thank you to anyone who responds to this and provides me with any answers that you can!

I’m so excited !! Thanks for the reply ! Also, I’m pretty new to this cite so when you implement the update, would I have to do anything or will the game do it by itself ? 

I really enjoyed the game! Just wondering when the next update will come out since every love interest path ends right about after you decide who you want to go after. Also, will NSFW CG's and scenes be coming in further updates? I loved playing through it so far and I can't wait to see what else you will be adding into the game!