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Oh damn you’re right. Those two colors looked really similar on the display I played it on, but on my phone I can see the difference.

If you want to get really technical with it, TECHNICALLY a solution is to just go on the window of one of the orange houses. The rules only say to "reach yellow to win" and the windows are tthat same color of yellow, so putting your cursor on those TECHNICALLY counts.

Just finished one of the endings, and I absolutely love this game. I cannot wait to play through other endings tomorrow. Incredible work!

Very cool game! Fun mechanics, but did feel a bit clunky at times, though it wasn't enough to take away from my enjoyment. I liked the story a lot, especially the written section at the end. Put a smile on my face.

Loved the story and loved the way it was told, especially with the pictures at the end! Loved it!