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I'll be honest its been a long while since I played this, I do't remember sorry.

Thanks I think I got an idea where to go now.

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Where do you go after beating the flesh zone midboss? I also found that I can't tp after beating the boss too.

I'm having trouble with the castle and getting to the end with none of the girls getting tfed, and beating the boss at that.


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How many ending are there in the game at the moment?

Love the game.

How do you clear old saves? I have no clue how to.

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Is it possible to heal?

I have also found that loosing to rocket man gets you stuck in the sandbags he is hiding behind.

It does not give me the option to capture.

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I can't change my drones at the beginning to blank drones and can't in turn get research.

I don't know why but I can't make pr drones, I can't use blanks.

I was trying to figure out the mundra dog tf. But that is good to know.

I'm loving the game so far great work.

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It seems like Tessa is bugged or I'm not doing it right, do I need to tf Tessa during the down time after Challenge 2 or right after it? 

Nvm I got it somehow.

Any hints on the dog tf

Did the description get deleted?


Found this bug when on the spider path.

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What is the button to access inventory?

(Edit: I found out how to get in the inventory in the city and not in the wild, and how to equip armor and weapons.) Nvm its S for the menu....

I keep running out of time to get the taur form.

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Seems like the update files are bugged again like with .03, with the files now showing on the itch app.


I love the references and how they are pulled, the game is great!

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Any hints on getting the goat form?

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The forest maze is kinda confusing, what do I need to look out for to get the lay of the land?

(Edit 1) Nvm I forgor about the glasses highlight option via the lightbulb button.

(Edit 2) I made 4 saves and the 4th save is not showing on the save screen ui, I can't access the save at all once I made it.

(Edit 3) Turns out the 4th save replaces the 3rd save, somehow.

is there any tfs at the moment

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Do you get your hp drained by a normal ram to get the non variant ram ending?
I Got it.

Yea I was able to figure it out after a hour making the comment. I forgot to edit the comment.

I don't know why but I can't progress farther in the game after the fist floor and the dialog after it.

There is a switch platform at the start what switch turns it on

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Getting the tfs are hard to get with out getting knocked out, other than that the game is neat.

I works now, thanks.


The v0.3 install is bugged, it will not let me install on the app.

The game has neat mechanics that can really throw a plan out of order.

How do you get the event line after getting corrupted by Violet?

Seems like the flesh zone tp crystal does not work, it gives the items but does not tp.

I have been unable to beat the dragon at the start. the dmg it does is impossible to deal with.

I don't know why but I cannot shoot or gain energy.

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Can characters get infected in the demo? Nvm they can, but how do you know how bad the infection is, can they zombify?