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I love the references and how they are pulled, the game is great!

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Any hints on getting the goat form?

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The forest maze is kinda confusing, what do I need to look out for to get the lay of the land?

(Edit 1) Nvm I forgor about the glasses highlight option via the lightbulb button.

(Edit 2) I made 4 saves and the 4th save is not showing on the save screen ui, I can't access the save at all once I made it.

(Edit 3) Turns out the 4th save replaces the 3rd save, somehow.

is there any tfs at the moment

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Do you get your hp drained by a normal ram to get the non variant ram ending?
I Got it.

Yea I was able to figure it out after a hour making the comment. I forgot to edit the comment.

I don't know why but I can't progress farther in the game after the fist floor and the dialog after it.

There is a switch platform at the start what switch turns it on

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Getting the tfs are hard to get with out getting knocked out, other than that the game is neat.

I works now, thanks.


The v0.3 install is bugged, it will not let me install on the app.

The game has neat mechanics that can really throw a plan out of order.

How do you get the event line after getting corrupted by Violet?

Seems like the flesh zone tp crystal does not work, it gives the items but does not tp.

I have been unable to beat the dragon at the start. the dmg it does is impossible to deal with.

I don't know why but I cannot shoot or gain energy.

I don't know why but I am having troubles with the save and load system, i can save but when i load the game crashes.

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Can characters get infected in the demo? Nvm they can, but how do you know how bad the infection is, can they zombify?

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Will there be a version with english translation? Nvm I did not install the english version.

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What are the differences between the Demon Goddess Altar and the Plant Goddess Altar? Also does the gym need silver to build too and what type of potion? What do you do differently to get a bad end?

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Are the journals in the labyrinth?  (Edit I think I found 2 journals the #2 journal I can't  seem to find in there.)

Wait to you have to find it or it learned through leveling?

Oh, I guess I need to figure out how to get tit then.

Last time I played this there was a meter for being slimed, i dont remember how I got it last time but it stopped at 99/100.


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Got no clue on what the controls are other than movement.
I  can't figure out the kick button.

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How do you equip new armor? Nvm you dont it just add the benefits, but how do you raise willpower?

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The woman with the green hair that you battle at the old demonhunters tower. Just out side before the herm corrupted hunter. (Edit turns out her hair was purple and her name is Violet, I also wonder how you can raise corruption.)

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Is there anything else to do after the first stage of change for the habitats of both the Fly and Spider? if so i can't find them. Nvm found them.

I have been wondering is there any special events that happen after getting corrupted by the green haired woman at the old demon hunter tower.? Also how to you get corruption fast?

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I'm trying to figure out what tfs and endings there are, I know of the rubber Mary tf but don't know to get it. Also seems like the v2 artpack is not showing in the itch downloads. The gold dolls are hard to deal with even on easy.


I was wondering how does your characters get infected?

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I wonder if demos will ever happen.

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I was looking in the files, and discovered a red slime Ayla, also trying to figure out how to get tentacled. Is there any special interactions after loosing to violet at the old tower?

This game kinda looks like lacto escape. itch://games/1071131


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Is there a way of making it so you can become a new pledge?

Is it just chance?