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I'm beyond impressed.Still haven't gotten the good ending.The fact that you made this is a custom JS engine is super impressive. I can't wait to see what else you have made. I'm just starting making games and I would Love any advice you have. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring game!

game mechanics: I would like to see more collision feedback, but the control felt good. 8/10.  art: its a little bland. maybe a background would help. 5/10. sound: sounds were pretty good for the content. I dont remember if it had a background track but i feel in this game thats a must. 7/10  polish: I feel like the game needs a few things. a highscore would be nice and maybe some menu items. 5/10. story: I loved the story. the character is goofy and you know his goal. this has potential to be build and worked with. 9/10. overall 34/50. i liked this game a lot but it felt like it was missing something. I think everyone did a great job and 2nd place is pretty good even if there were only two of you.

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Since I can't seem to find where I vote I'll just post your score in here.  game mechanics: I think it has potential but the speed needs to be adjusted. I know its not realistic but u could also add air friction so the asteroids don't fly away so fast. 6/10.  Art: the game looks great. 9/10.  sound: The sounds didn't feel as responsive as they could have. 7/10. Polish: for a game jam game i thought it was pretty good. It needed some collisions with the other planets and stars. 7/10.  Story: didn't get much in the way of story but I assume your saving the world from asteroids. 6/10. overall 35/50 game has potential but i would like to see a little more polish. still for a 3 hour game I'm pretty impressed. 1st place is yours by one point. You win bragging rights for winning a game jam. 

that was fun. i liked that a lot

this was wonderful to play. I think it could use some info on what the power ups do but honestly i just wanted to look at the art longer. But I kept dying! haha

Very nice game concept. Totally understand the lack of time but I would have loved to see this game more refined. Maybe a future project. One idea is adding the ability to pick up multiple fuses at one time.