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This is super cute! I really like the premise, the gameplay, and the characters. If this was ever expanded, it probably needs to be balanced first, but I'd love to see more dialogue, recurring heroes and an a longer storyline. As a game jam game, though, it's nice, runs well, and that's pretty neat.

Great! We didn't want to disqualify an honest mistake. Glad you could fix the issue!

Hi, before any of the mentors for the jam can give feedback to your game, you must remove the music you used from the game. Usually externally created music is okay to use with accreditation if the copyright owners/creators allow it, but in this case, this music is not available for free use (even for non-commercial projects), so you can't put it into the game, even with the right credit.

Not removing the music will risk disqualification from the jam because it breaks the rules.


Love these dragon friends!

Oh, that's wild! It's hard to keep up with all the sourcebooks. Thanks for the reply!

I don't know where Hexbloods are from, but I love that some of them have slightly more beastial features! Very memorable! Love all these packs.

Another excellent pack! Thank you!

Probably one of your best packs yet! Especially Water and Air are so lovely!

Another beautiful pack! Thank you!

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Gorgeous as always, and so well done! I do wish they were just a little more monsterous, though.

It was lovely and atmospheric to play, and it told me some things I needed to hear, though I think I hit a broken thread (didn't get an ending). I am also glad I was listening to some appropriate music while playing. Made the space feel more real. Overall, just a nice experience.

What a creative way to use Twine! I'm really quite impressed. Though the actual clicking on letters was a little finicky, I think it was impactful and smooth. I'm very impressed!

Oof, that's rough. I came here to ask the same question because I haven't gotten any emails either. Thank you for the answer.  I hope it all gets sorted soon!