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I like this game. It's simple and sweet :)

How to beat ree?

I feel like you took those screenshots intentionally to fuck with the player, but I really have no idea. Nobody else ever talked about them...

I really like it, but it can get a bit tedious at times. When I first started the game, I felt bombarded with controls and mechanics, and even now that I've played through it, I still feel like I don't fully understand the controls.

One minor gripe I have is a lack of distinction between the level and the background. One example of this would be the gates and the beams in the back looking near identical. The easiest way to fix this would simply be to add contrast, such as making the level a bit lighter and the background a bit darker. 

Enemies seem a bit scarce, and level design is a bit all over the place. There's a huge lack of landmarks, which makes navigating a bit confusing.

The animation looks great, especially when it comes to attacks. However the animations do lack transitions, so it can become a bit awkward at times.

The Lady of the Lake mostly just spammed the same attack, and would rarely use anything other than her spike attack. Also, it lacked any music. I'm not sure if that's caused by a bug, or it just hasn't been implemented yet.

Overall, I think this is a really strong start, and with a bit more tweaking this game can be great!

It takes some real talent to let that fear linger after the game has ended.