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Tufty Indigo

A member registered Jun 15, 2020

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I just wanted to let you know that Android version 7.5 has fixed the graphics freezing and then unexpected exit on my Pixel C tablet - what you've previously blamed on out-of-memory errors. I guess from the fact the installer size is smaller that you've compressed a few assets better! Before I couldn't get past the first orc duel in the woods - it would crash every time - but now I can. There's still sometimes huge pauses when advancing to the next phase of a fight, which I'd guess is a GC pause, so still more to do, but at least it isn't game-breaking now. Thanks!

Amazing work, for a game jam game there's a surprising amount of dialogue - though the price of that is that some of it seems very rushed. The concept is appropriately silly for the topic and the whole game works together well. 

I had a quick try but didn't get very far. When Galen told me to come over here and look at his scroll, I walked in the opposite direction and got stuck. It wouldn't respond to mouse clicks, not even the menu, though the animations were still running.

Thanks for participating in the jam!