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handsome hunchback

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This looks so much better, well done!

The cutest enemy sound I have ever heared.

Very short but sweet game with simple but super cute art style. Would be cool to have a few more levels in the future but the ones you did are well thought out. A little bug I have run into is pushing two boxes at once when in a corner between boxes.

Is this really your first game? It looks very good and is fun to play. The riddles are a bit easy tho and the water animation while very inventiv is a bit hard on the eyes.

Such a sweet game!

The game is fixed now, and we will update it as soon as the judging phase ends. In the new version the positioning of the elements is fixed and optimised to fit the theme. There are also additional character expressions and even a good chunk of new dialog in there.

Glad you could enjoy the game and thank you for your feedback!

Nice little game, but because the levels stay so small it is not that much of a challenge. It reminds me of the educational game pushy, which i liked a lot as a kid. Kind of nostalgic to me. Looks very polished and the art style of the character is super cute! The time frame you used to finish this is impressiv.