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Completed the whole game 

(Skip to 38:38)

I played your game (I started at the 2:30 second mark) for about 30 minutes 

this is the video

made a video

The thumbnail's great

here you go

I made a video on this that I'm uploading tomorrow. 

Here's part 2, it was a fun game to play and I loved the story. 

made a 2 part video on it here's part 1

Made a video on it 

made a video on it


I love it

Freaking amazing game I wish markiplier would play this

Make another video on it about the zen mode if you'd like to check it out 

such a valid link

Check out my video on it 

I made a video on it lol

I made a video on it

I made a video on this if you want to watch it, you should because I pointed out suggestions and bugs you could improve the game on (also the thumbnail is funny XD)

love it

I completed this in one minute

Here are my baldi's basics videos My first baldi's basics video my baldi's basics mods livestream and also my livestream highlights of the baldi's basics mods livestream

china gang