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Recent community posts this is the channel that cursed out our game if you have a problem take it up with them. see you in COURT

it would probably have to be a group descision ~~ this was a jam game from back in the summer, and we all have our own larger projects and jobs we got back to, so while I too feel this isnt quite complete as a game, it would probably take a bit to get this started up again. The original concept was to do a little animal crossing style thing that pulled from the creations of players most local to you. I'd certainly like to see something like that come to fruition but I've already got quite a few other projects on the back burner already...

tysm!!! yes -- i'm workin on an update for it that will actually include any gameplay lol

ohh oops im so sorry :( - from what I know this is kinda a common issue building for mac - none of us working on it have macs to test it on so getting a fix ready might take a bit but i'll for sure keep it in mind for future updatez ...

the game doesn't really explain itself but it was uhh a jam game, yeah that's it -_-' also yes!! im very happy i got wavy backgrounds in (this is technically the fourth language ive programmed this in lol) bc the look was very much supposed to be voidscape

ha ha thank you for liking it but i think that second half is how all the video game's work

uh actually if you read my backstory we had a cool convo on twitter about this stuff >:)

how did you extract the files? that file is included with the game download but the executable isn't able to find it, so maybe you saved the files to a different directory? the RSC folder should be in the same folder as the game executable and everything else.

:) hee hee
the lyrics came from me putting about 20 pgs of beck lyrics thru a markov chain text generator ~ the theremin i think yeah is the highlight of the whole thing

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whats up gramers

makin a thing about  working at a wacky convenience store (sort of). not sure if im gonna get this all the way done design wise on time i didnt really get a chance to start till ~monday

hows everyone else's projects comin?