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aw, thanks!

aw, thanks!


Thank you!

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the Ideas!

Thanks! You were the only one that picked up on the stamp thing haha. Yeah I agree that it overlapping can be a bit annoying but that's why I made it so you can minimize the document

Cool, innovative game! We kinda had the same game with counterfeit paintings!

just did!

Fun little game!  It was very polished and very funny!

Thanks so much!

Very powerful message.

Cute game!

np! is there a button to talk to npcs?

Cool game! I really liked the artstyle and the metaphor you put into the game!

What are the controls?

My favorite game of the jam so far! Great story telling and good humor!  The landscapes were very nice looking and it was a great experience.

Great job!

Cool game!  Are you going to finish it or just scrap it? Because I'd like to see it finished! Good job overall!

Oh I just thought that the health bar was bugged.

Thanks for playing vim!

Thanks for playing!


Cool little game. One thing I would change is that I would make it so that you don't have to repeat the dialogue every time because it can get very annoying.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy that you liked it! I have to thank all my friends and family that helped me make the paintings and supported me on the way. Great feedback!

high potential game! I would love to see it finished in the future!

I really like the artwork for this game except a couple of the sprites were really blurry. Fun game overall!

Cool game very polished!

Fun little game! The only problem I had was that the bullet hit boxes were a little big. 

Overall great job!


thanks for copying and pasting the same comment on everyone's game so you could get so many rates

haha thanks for playing!

Very creative idea!

Cool Idea!

So sad my pc can not handle this game it looks so fun

Nice artwork!

Lets take down the block chain 1 NFT at a time.