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I cant believe u did this in 3 days! Was something u already thinked about before? or entirely new? Inspired by another game?

Creativity: 10/10 "never saw something similar"
Art: 10/10 "retro, I like it"
Gameplay: 10/10 "ust click! easy pizzi"
Music: 6/10 "the loop is too short and repetitive for me,  a little annnoying"
Sfx: 10/10 "matched well"

Final: 46!

Keep going!


I Loved it! Guud Job! 

Muito legal e bunitin!, meu highscore foi 222

Ele n fica tonto girando??

Amei a arte, ficou muy bunitinho! Parabéns!

Ele é um trabalhador dedicado

Show! curti a ideia, uma pena que digito q nem uma lesma kk

Cute s2

Like always, the art are "great"/ minimalist! Keep Up! s2

Pretty Funny!

Good Job! Its pretty funny the chicken coughing in the beggining haha :3

Pretty good! I loved the art style :P

A arte ficou muito melhor que a programação!

Ficou muito bom! Não esperava menos desse time foda! ♥♥♥

Muito legal e gráficos muito bons!

Curti pakas! Parabénss!

I loved! s2

Hello there!  Great job in such short time! My highscore was 6875

ps: The web version didint load for me ;-;

Hello there, you did a great job in just one day?? wow congratulation!!

if you continue with the project would be cool if there was possible to move the camera freely, and the "tower shop" UI could be disabled/ enabled by a "shop" icon.

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I dont know if its my browser, but I cant download ;-; if possible reupload pls.

Some images would be cool too, and the page colors are too bright.

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Hello there, I loved the arts, and the music! You did a awesome work in just one week! Keep Up!

Some bugs I had:

- I cant pass Level 2 when I click to go "next level" it dont do anything.

- I think some arts are a bit "blurry", but dont know if it was the intention.

- At the start of the game when it asks for a name, just have a "back" button that goes to menu.

- Buttons "credits" and "how to play" dont work.

Please update if possible :3

A loved the art! Just a little difficult (at leats for me ;-;)

Great work!

Its beautiful! I iked the art style.

The controls are a little hard to get used at the beggining, but whith some practice u can manage.

The car get stucks in the walls, forcing the player to reverse, I dont known if it was the intention.

The music is a bit loud, it would be cool if theres was a option to change the volume, but the music is cool.

Overall, Great Job!

Owwwww I loved, but pretty hard to me ;-;

Sooo Cuteee :3