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thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your playthrough 🐸

Hello! That's an amazing thing you are doing and really fantastic for the community! Right now we can't unfortunately but we will remember you in the future!

Hello thanks for playing! We do offer some limited graphics options in the description but we understand that this is not enough. Something we will be working on in the future!

We currently have no plans to port it to mobile unfortunately.

Thanks! Currently there is no function, this would be added to a later release

The crosshair will go green when you can grab the rocks. Grab with left or right mouse button. Hope this helps!

Thanks for playing 😊

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it, we have plenty of new rock ideas and these are great too!

We will add it to the list for future updates:)

It's a demo, should probably change that haha

Thanks for playing!✨

Yeah we will be looking at adding saving in the future! I'm glad you enjoyed it in its current form!✨

Very funny video! Thanks for playing 😁

Great video, thanks for playing!😁

Glad you enjoyed it, we would love to see speed runners and look to adding features for that in the future 😁 That's already a fast time!

You can in the settings😁

Hey, I'm glad your enjoying the game! Really sorry about that! Hopefully the patch should fix that up, it's a very annoying bug!

Hello, the Mac build is quite experimental at the moment unfortunately but we will be working on trying to get a fix! 

If you follow our account you will be notified of any fixes in the future😁

Thanks James!!😁🐸

Okay thanks for the info, we will patch a fix for it soon😁

Unfortunately not at the moment but this is something we would like to add. However, the game is non-linear so you can go back and complete routes in any order😊

This is amazing!!😁 Thanks for the feature!

Thanks for playing!😁 We have been having that issue with a few players. If you don't mind saying, are you using a QWERTY keyboard?

hmm okay thanks for pointing it out, we will take a look😁

Hey, glad you enjoyed the demo! No timescale as of yet but if you have Twitter you can follow us for updates on a future release😁

I'm glad you got further 😊 did you press's F to get to the two options after? We maybe weren't clear on that end sorry.

We plan on adding a save feature for a later release😁

Hello, thanks for your kind comments, and we are happy you managed to get to the end!

For the future we plan on expanding the game in every aspect from mountains to narrative😁

P.S The glider breaks when you bump into mountains, we probably need to make this clearer or change it!

Hey thanks for playing!😁 You can find the soundtrack here:

Hello, I think you need to get closer to the rocks. The crosshair will change to green when you are in range to grab:)

Thanks for your kind comment😁❤️

Hi Suggo! We are really happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely comment🐸😁