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PED81C community · Created a new topic This looks great!

The voxel engine looks very good. I'm getting serious Magic Carpet vibes from the video :) Will check all of the files on my A1200 to see them in their true form. Thanks for the development work!

Do I sense an unofficial spin-off "Kokotoni Milf" coming up? Joking aside, thanks for the game and looking forward to more gaming fun from hayesmaker64!

Very nice, feels like an old arcade game :) The one-button solution works well for me.

Finally got to play this on my A1200 and I have to say it's a fantastic game :) Thank you! There's one thing that might be good to mention in the manual as well, though - how to use the weapons that you pick up!

Just transferred this to my A1200 hard drive - thanks for providing the .lha. It's a fun game!

Great release once again. Congrats and thanks  (also to the creator of the Spectrum original)

What a shame. Well, the A1200 on my desk is happy to provide me with an authentic game experience anyway :)

Looks great! The Online emulator link seems to be down.

Thanks for the update! The hi-score saver is a must :)

I like the atmosphere, fun game! Looking forward to the sequel(s).

Looks like standard multicolour to me.

Dr Mortalwombat at it again...wonderful! I've had a 1351 sitting mostly idle for ages, now it's time for actiion :)

Brilliant conversion, thank you!

Congratulations, well deserved!

I had great fun with this game today :) Now, let's see if I can beat it on Hard...

I agree with both of the previous commentors, great fun! Would it be possible for you to give us a .prg file for the real C64, or even better, a disk version with a highscore saver? So we could compete against friends when gathering for some retro fun.

What a nice surprise! Looking forward to the final version as well!

Thank you for the game and making the effort to help Ukraine!

What an excellent shooter! Thank you, looking forward to future titles!

Great work, I like the game a lot! Thanks also for the .crt version!

I bought the game today, and I'm glad I did it. Great fun indeed, and really looking forward to any future releases from you. Thanks!

Excellent, looking forward to it!

I bought the game yesterday and I'm enjoying it a lot :) Thank you guys!

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Downloaded Tenebra yesterday, started playing immediately and couldn't stop before all levels had been completed :) VERY enjoyable, and as others have said, there is great potential for expansion. I for one was left wanting for more levels! A level editor for fans would also be cool to see some day, maybe after you feel you've done everything you want to achieve with the game. I see dozens of fan-made levels in future, just like Boulder Dash :) Thank you for the game!

Many thanks for the reply! Time to continue the adventure :)

Hi! Great to get more adventures for the C64 :) I was wondering if a list of the game commands/verbs is available somewhere?

Hope to see the release soon, looking forward to this!

Tried the demo and got hooked immediately. Hope to see more dev updates soon!