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Nice work on this! I posted on your reddit post as well, but thought I'd leave some feedback.

1. The Boss stairs were in the room right next to the start, and that was the first thing I did. Maybe code it so that it doesn't appear next to the start

2. The spike rooms were a little bit easy to read the pattern

3. Healing may be a little bit too hard to attain at the start

4. Room and enemy variety is still lacking a bit compared to other games

5. Background music would make all the difference to the ambience, if it is possible

Is this solo developed? Because, if so, I'm really impressed! Keep up the good work!

I posted on your Reddit post as well, but this was a really nice game! It will need some more polishing, but overall, pretty smooth!

Some of the jumps are a little unstable/unreliable

The level end ring was confusing at first, you have to hit the ring and not the middle of it

I don't remember how, but I actually fell out of the level at one point.

I was able to beat your speedrun!My record was 1:06!

Freaking loved it! Just the perfect amount of silly in a well-polished game. I made a video for YouTube of me playing it, so if you have some time, check it out!

I left some feedback in your reddit post! Thank you for the hard work!

My video:

My Gf and I loved the game and are sooooo glad that you built this local coop version. Great work! If anybody comes here and still isn't sold on the game, watch a little bit more gameplay to get a feel for how great this can be at couch parties, etc.

Haha, this game was a blast to play! Challenging to be sure but very nice. I made a video for the gameplay for anyone curious about it. Good work! 

Could maybe use a little polish but, I enjoyed it.

Posted on Reddit as well, but here is my Video:

I liked: the art, the ambience, and the open to interpretation bit

I would enjoy more if: The notes had a tiny bit more substance/order. If there were a very simple ambient background song. If the end and "congratulations" screen weren't quite so abrupt!

Big thumbs up, and thank you for your hard work!


I'm making a playlist for the sweet grooves in the game, I'll post the link here, if that is ok. More additions in the coming days

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I can't open it. It may be related to anti-virus permissions, but the error said something about a read-write error. I hope I can figure out a way to play!


Hey, I found your game on reddit, and thought it looked interesting! Here is my playthrough of it. 

I can't wait for more levels, and more interesting obstacles!

I mentioned in the vid that you may be too lenient with the putting strength. If it is too powerful, it should fly back over the hole and miss, I think. That's all of my feedback, really enjoyed it!