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Sorry, but I have no idea how quality cards are supposed to work, and what the win should look like. What's a stack? I'll never know that either. Bye everyone, english instructions are hard.

A very neat game, I struggle with filling the empty space when drawing interiors, and this little game gave me a lot of inspiration. Do you plan on doing something else with it in the future? 

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Finally saw the cursed sword! Interesting weapon, but still not as space/turn effective as whestone + hatchets/shivs/wands combo. Here's how I thought you could nerf my favourite weapons: first, you could make it so that whetstone would only affect certain types of weapons (no wands/clubs, maybe a different item for adding damage to them?) and only for a certain number of turns (2-3?). You could also make an item that would activate daggers, another item would activate hatchets, that would probably make for more specialized builds, and wouldn't be much different from a bow/arrows combo.

(I finally tried a bow build! Returned to my blades. It uses so much space, AND the arrows run out? I would probably consider it if the bows were like throwing weapons and didn't use turn points, I just feel like buying no-points weapons is so much easier right now.)

But that brings another problem: if there's too many weapons/armors/miscellaneous stuff, and it's all randomized, it's possible to go through the first 8 levels and not get a combination of items that would get you through the final boss. So, maybe early on you could add a few fixed points where you can take only one deal-breaking item (like choose between whetstone, cursed sword, mana-generating book and that arrow-generating sword?). Or possibly adding 1-2 more items per fight/chest. Or delegating some interesting items to endless mode only. Or maybe combining items together (Fenller's idea), though it would probably be hell to impliment). 

(Another thing, could you please make the level layout more consistent. It's very sad to see a level that is mostly chests and shops.)

Also, now you have items that remove spikes, haste, etc. from enemies (and I'm not sure if there's a wand, but it would be amazing to have a wand with these effects too), and potions that add slow/weak to them, perhaps to them you could add effects that weaken the enemy's poison?  I'm still scared of the snake from the infinite levels. 

And, I'm not sure if the five-time use of mana-generating books works, regeneration eats mana like crazy against certain enemies, you can always carry 2-3 books instead of 1, and they still use turns. To nerf the player and the enemies, maybe just making all effects last 2-3 turns would work. And to nerf magical items, you could play with values a little bit: make broken ring and all-beating wand cost 2 mana etc. Also, could you make the first wand add 2 regeneration for 2 mana? It's so much clicking...

thanks for advice, will try them out if i see any!

Is there regular whetstone in the new update? I tried to play it three times today, and found only the whetstones you can use 1 time. I died every time on the 9th level because I kept hoping that I would find one to compliment my daggers/cleavers. Also, are there any artifact, or do I just spam regen the old-fashioned way?

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Good game, very addicting! But it would be so nice if you added more ways to get rid of poisoning. I got through level 15 with 0 damage, but then the poison got me again. Levels past the final boss also kind of feel like a chore, but I'm sure it won't be a problem as you add more content to the game.

Here's my built more or less, whetstone + spiked helmets + haste-adding armor make you feel like a god at turn 10 

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Cool! I followed you on Twitter, and I see you've released an update in the meantime. I'll make sure to check it out, and make a suggestion if something comes to my mind, but you seem to have things thought out pretty well. Also, a little unprompted, but if you'll need help with things like pixel art/small animations/item descriptions, I can volunteer. It's not much, but I'd be honored to participate in a project like this.

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First, big fan of the game. Second, sorry if it comes off as pretentious, but I thought what place this game could have among indie life simulators like paralives, bitlife, etc. and what most of them seem to brush off is supernatural/adventure aspect of the sims. I just think that it would be beat if, when the core features are done, we could see witches, ghosts, vampires etc., and it would go with the game aesthetic pretty well, and a good opportunity to tie in "lore", like sims 1/2 did. Also, chance cards and perks/rewards! They're super fun and can add variety to gameplay. 

And, although it's not a problem right now, I feel like eventually there could be plenty of mods for this game, and you might need to brainstorm a mod manager/download center at some point.  The game has great potential

This game was wonderful, and it was so heartwarming to see a little bit of your relationship with your grandma, that's a beautiful thing. Thank you for letting us experience something like this.

However, I encountered a small problem: right before I entered the first "present" anowy scene, I lost the ability to interact with anything, I could not even pick the mushrooms, and the only thing to do was to go on to the next scene, after that the problem disappered.

This game made me fell bad for my mom. The banality of this story is what makes it so heavy.