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Awesome game! It's really easy to understand, it used AP examples very well, and I love how it flips a lot of sorts through and rearranges a lot of TTRPG tropes. I have a full review on TTRPGkids that breaks down a lot more detail, and I would definitely recommend - Paris Gondo 100% sparks joy, haha!

Thank you!!  I'm glad you liked it!!  Kiddo has been VERY into Mario this summer, so it was only time before I had to do a Mario-esque game :)

Thank you!!  I'm so glad you liked it!  Haha, I was going with a "name partially scratched off the cartridge and actual story lost to time" kind of vibe and wanted to hide the joke from players until the big reveal, so I'm actually really happy it took a few seconds to get the full reference!  

I loved getting to play this with kiddo so much!!!  Thank you for making such a cute and engaging journaling TTRPG for young kids.  It's a great social-emotional learning tool, and we had a lot of fun with it too. 

I have a full review here with more info, and again, AWESOME game!!

Very fun game!  This is a perfect solo-journaling game in that it builds the story SO well from prompting the player in addition to  having great mechanics.  The artwork for this is also absolutely beautiful.  

I definitely recommend, and check out the review on TTRPGkids here:

Fantastic game!  This was perfect for playing with my kid (4.5yo)  - we played as characters for Hilda (so Hilda and Twig) going on an adventure, and he didn't want to stop playing!  Excellent EDU game and an excellent game in general!

Check out here for my full review, and I 100% recommend checking this out!

Great game!! I really enjoyed playing this with kiddo, and I'm very happy to have done a review for this on the site (you already have linked above, so I won't throw it in here again, haha).  Thank you for making such a cool game, especially one focused around also promoting a love of reading!

Awesome game!  Loved the leveling system actually requiring use of the skill and how the dice level up, and I had a lot of fun playing with my kid and writing a review; check it out here for more details of our gameplay!

Great game!  I tried it out with my kid, and it was a lot of fun running a woodland animal heist - lots of mischief, and I love the A Team references!

Check out my full review here, and I hope you try it out too!

I think this should be permission on an individual basis.  When I was making the map of entries, some people were OK with sharing/posting while others weren't (or I couldn't contact them).  I'm hoping to print for taking to conventions or upload a deck to a virtual tabletop of the ones that give permission but won't have capacity for a little bit since there's some other stuff going on right now - if you want to work on it now, that would be AWESOME and I will do what I can to support (and PLEASE I want to share copies with people)! 

I Went to the North Pole Once is a great prompt game for the holidays!  I played with my kid (4yo) and had a really fun time coming up with ideas together (many of his ideas revolved around nutcrackers and hot cocoa)!

I've got a full review here too on the TTRPGkids site:

I love this so much!  And you used my glyphs!!!  Thank you!  

I think this is a really good concept for adding a ton of variation to the game (fantastic replay value) where players get to modify cards and make choices about what type of encounters and loot and even terrain they come across.  

Oh, I like this idea!  Are you thinking like a supplement sheet where you have different types of stickers to attach?  That would be awesome!   And at a convention, having a sticker sheet to handout for the quest would be great for all the physical cards or for setting up at a game table with the group.  I think kids especially would love taking turns putting the stickers on.

Very nice!  And thank you for sharing!   Was thinking about getting one that I can put my logo into!

Awesome card and plot hook!!  Thank you for joining!

The event (ScribblerHug2022) ended up getting scheduled in Dec 2022 but for a different charity that all parties who were involved and have donated have been supporting.  It's not a lot, but what we've raised it going towards War Child and Become as part of the event!

For anyone making a business card with Business Card Quest, check out Business Card Quest 2023 Jam!

Got the game jam ready to launch on Dec 27th!!

Oh, this is going on the list for 2023!  I've been wanting to run a game jam for a while now, and I think this would be a great opportunity for that!  People can showcase what they've made, share templates, etc.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Oh, I like that idea a lot!  Get people questing to different booths!

100%!  It's like being able to give a little 1 minute pitch of "this is my style of gaming" and it turns the whole convention into almost a trading card game.  Really hoping this takes off!

Yes!!  I really want to get this going for a whole gaming convention - everyone would seeking out and then keeping business cards!  I'm glad you like it, and I cannot wait to see what map piece you make!

Oh yeah!  This would be perfect for a pre snack game!   Thank you for playing it! 

I'm glad you liked it!!  The map maze was a fun one to make :)

Glad you're trying it out!  I hope it helps!

And thank you for letting me know about the missing word - looks like the header box wrapped to the next line.  It's updated if you want to re-download!

Thank you!!  This is making my day :)

Infinity Train was actually a big inspiration for this!!  I have plans for quite a few more train card decks, and I'm hoping to do one that gets that introspective sci-fi mystery vibe going too.

Great game!  My kid and I had a lot of fun getting up to some skeleton shenanigans, and I would definitely recommend for anyone to try out.  I also did a full review here on my site - I hope it helps!

Thank you so much for playing!  And your podcast was a delight to listen to; I am so glad you had fun with it, and thank you again!!

I played Eldritch Pets with my family, and we had a blast!  This game was a great combo of weird and fun, my kid loved answering questions for all the prompts, and the mechanics are easy to pick up and facilitate a fun game.  100% recommend!

Find the full review here with more info on how our game went, cool features, and what my kid thought about it!

I played Wanderlust with my kid, and it was a beautiful and wonderful game that had a unique mix of fun moments and bittersweet (in a good way) tones.  It utilizes both journaling and drawing (so even those who don't want to or can't write can participate in creating the story), and it allows everyone in the group to be a player and have equal stake in the character's journey.  

This was a fantastic game, and I highly recommend checking out.  You can also find out more details about gameplay, mechanics, and my kid's thoughts here!

Stacks of Goblins was an awesome game full of fun shenanigans and unique mechanics that allowed for a lot of versatility and interesting gameplay!  Plus... you get to play as mischievous goblins, which is a total win. Would highly recommend!

Check out more in my full review here:

Just wanted to make sure there was full transparency - the event that we were going to donate to was delayed indefinitely, however I am tracking all proceeds from this game, and when it is scheduled (looks like early 2023), I will use the funds for this charity.  If anyone would like to see details, please let  me know, and I'm happy to share.

I played Adventures on a Single Page with my little one (4 years old), and he loved it!  There's so many cool adventures specifically for kids here, and they require little to no prep AND fit in less than an hour - great job and attention to detail here, and check out my full review on the TTRPGkids site:

I tried out GDEC with my 4 year old where I read the prompts and helped write down his thoughts, and we had a blast!  A link to my full review on the TTRPGkids site is below, and this is a great all ages game that fosters compassion and creativity!

Princess World is a great game that focuses on story and connections while giving opportunities awesomely epic action moments.  There's lots of tools integrated into game play to make it accessible to kids (color coding, notes, character sheet layout), and I had a lot of fun reviewing this.

Check out the full review on the TTRPGkids blog, and this is 100% worth playing!

I played Sodalitas with my 3yo, and it ended up going really well!  I can see this being a great system for kids of all ages and for use either at home or at school since the mechanics are easy to pick up, and it promotes great teamwork skills.  Check out my full review here too!

I LOVE the Family Fantasy RPG games, and I'm so happy there's a dinosaur one!  I played with my kid (3yo), and we had an awesome time running this adventure.  Check out my full review here too! 

When trying out Jump Rangers for a review (see link below!), we played The Lightning Job mission and had an awesome time - 100% worth checking out.  There's lots of exciting moments and a great story here. 

I am very excited for this!  I've got my games updated and ready for when the jam opens tomorrow!

Also, are there plans to create an educational games bundle with the jam submissions?   I have 30 StoryGuider games, and, so I'm not flooding the game jam page, I have them funneling through the main StoryGuider landing page via a link, but if we're doing a jam bundle, I might want to adjust that.

Thank you so much!!  I am so happy so many elements of the game clicked, and for this to be a spring board for other games makes my day!!