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i Have tryed the demo, i think it was the version before this and i found a bug. There was couple of immortal enemies. When i tryed to hit them, the game didn't even register it. I tryed only the first floor and there was about 4 of them.. I don't know if you already repaired this bug, but if not i can upload a video of it, because i was recording it.

Great thanks.

Game looks nice, i am going to buy it. :)

Shadow Hunters community · Created a new topic Gameplay

Would it be possible to get a small gameplay video (exploring outside/inside, and a fight).  The pictures are just not enough for getting a general idea of how the game plays. I would like to buy the game but i don't buy game i didn't see in action.

Thank you

Hmm. It's strange the game crashes for me every couple of clics. First time when i tryed to go from options to the main menu, then when i tryed to open hentai scenes on computer, then when i tryed to go out of my room.  Looks like i wont be able to play it :(

Thank you very much.

Is it still possible to download and try the demo? As i can't find it anywhere.