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Glad I could help, thanks for both it and Veiled.
The art style really is gorgeous, the pixel art and the background environment both blend together so nicely.

Very cute and interesting little experience.

Love the concept and what all could be done to build and expand on the idea, though the story leaves a lot of questions I'd love to see answered if it were built into a fuller story.
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It's a really interesting game, though it does feel a little barren in places it's got good potential. It does leave me with a lot of questions as to who and what is going on though.

Very interesting concept and very well executed for 72 hours, though if you want to continue expanding on it a bit of polish on the camera and other tools might be good.

I'd love to see more of the world, more layered nightmares, more variations on the nightmare. You could really build quite a narrative if you were to expand and build upon the foundation you have thusfar.

It's a very fascinating little game. It's interesting, entertaining, and honestly I see a lot of room to expand it into a full sized game if one were to want to build upon it as a foundation.
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A very fascinating eldritch experience where I yet again manage to doom the world with boxes.

Quite interesting, though it's a bit on the short side. I like what you're going for though the motif is interesting and the environment is quite atmospheric.
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Really a fascinating and atmospheric experience. The house is well laid out, the sound design was immersive and well executed, and it left me wanting more. 

My only critique is that it might be better to hide the moths until the lights are on, and that the footsteps are a little loud and a bit fast for one exploring a partially decayed house where the floors might not be stable/solid.

A very nicely done experience with an excellently spooky atmosphere.
Interesting gameplay though the triggers to progress can feel obscure and linear at times.
Still very well done and shows a lot of promise.
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Really a well done experience, very good sense of foreboding and tension with events spread out enough to take advantage of that tension buildup. 

It might be nice if more side paths were available to allow the player to wander though. It felt a little bit linear in that regard but did a good job at keeping the player moving.

My main critiques are:
The game didn't trap the mouse cursor allowing it to wander outside the game which can result in misclicking outside the window when trying to turn the character.
The default mouse sensitivity was quite high so I'd suggest adding a sensitivity slider if possible.

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Really a very fun and fascinating little experience of a game, love that each of the endings felt intuitive to achieve and that the story had subtle shifts in each attempt to make it feel fresh and not repetitive.

The LOAD button was a huge help likewise for not requiring a complete replay if you mess up.

Quite a fun little game. Really nice use of tension and atmospherics to keep the game flow going.

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It's an interesting concept and a fun game. Though there are times when the hit detection on the walls feels a little stiff overall it's an entertaining experience.

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Really a fascinating game experience.
Love the art style and the sound design really worked well to produce an ambient tension and eerieness.
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You've really got a knack for ambience and atmospheric sound and tension. I really enjoyed the experience though it did leave me wanting more but I suppose that's a good result in things like this. 
I look forward to seeing more development from you in the future.

Thanks for watching, sorry if I get a bit rambly I end up being over-analytical at times.
I had fun though and I look forward to seeing your new game.

It's a fascinating game and always great to see more from you.

My main critique would be on the layout of the house. It feels a bit awkward at times and especially so during the latter chase due to the dead ends that can leave the player just waiting for death. It breaks tension as opposed to being able to keep running anxiously and trying to find an exit.
Love the game though.

It's a really fun and interesting game and concept. I'd love to see more.

Great to see things are coming along for the full game.

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Really quite an experience, glad I got to play it.

My main critique would be that the pacing felt a little rushed and having a deeper story/lore would be great ways to expand the concept. Perhaps have the house seem normal for longer or have smaller details out of place that escalate into the stranger events leading up to the blood and the painting.

My current headcanon/theory is that the painting is some  lovecraftian corruption that takes hold in a house like a mold, warping reality to insert itself into a room and leaking out weirdness into the home that acts to draw its victim near enough to pull it inside into the twisted mirror dimension that the creature resides in in order to feed.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, it's very well done on tension and atmosphere and it leaves me wanting to know more.

It's a very interesting game, felt like such a nostalgic throwback to the old maze games but with such a gorgeous art style. Really fascinated by the world and it left me wanting to know more. Looking forward to your further projects.

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It's a very interesting expreience of a game. It left me puzzled and wanting to know more while likewise being entertaining in of itself.

A very fascinating and tense little experience. Thanks for making it.

No problem.

About 15 minutes was my runtime.

Very well done, a little on the short side but what you've got is very interesting and I'd love to see it expanded on or see more like it in the future.

Thanks I appreciate it~
Heh, yeah I imagine gamejams are rough with the short deadlines and all. On one hand it can produce surprising gems but on the other it's a pain to have it looming.

Really love the concept you are going for here, though due to the game's short length it leaves a lot of potential untapped but serves as an excellent proof of concept for what could be.
As always I love seeing such fun games and concepts from the work of Sbug.

Really a great example of how to make a properly spooky atmosphere. It left me asking so many questions about the world and the entities within it and had so much to see I found myself finding new things each time I roamed the landscape.

Certainly quite an interesting experience, though it left me wanting hamburgers.

Welp I definitely have to try this one out~

This was quite an experience, the game has some interesting designs, and I love the blur effect in the maze that makes it appear something is around every corner.

The demo was great. Chapter 1 really showcased the game design and mechanics well, with enough plot to intrigue and keep curiosity and interest up~
My only critique is that during battle, specifically the defending phase, the timing on some things felt off. Mainly the shield and the boss attack when you are able to move left/right across three pads often didn't move when I inputted movement commands.