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The demo was great. Chapter 1 really showcased the game design and mechanics well, with enough plot to intrigue and keep curiosity and interest up~
My only critique is that during battle, specifically the defending phase, the timing on some things felt off. Mainly the shield and the boss attack when you are able to move left/right across three pads often didn't move when I inputted movement commands.

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Ooo just found out about this game, definitely going to be recording this one soon.

Edit 3/10/20: It's certainly an interesting game so far~

Oh it's no problem, I'd love to give it another try later as you work on it more~

It's certainly an interesting concept, and I had fun playing it too, though I cannot offer a great deal of insight as the AI is not currently implemented. The layout of the area is interesting though~

It's a really fun and interesting concept, one I haven't seen since the NES era actually with DigDug.

A few puzzles felt a bit obscure though and the flying enemies could be troublesome on the narrow metal pathway floor, so a bit of polish might help those but I could certainly see the concept built and expanded on. It was really fun though.

Oh wow I appreciate the share~ I look forward to seeing how the game grows and develops with time.

Very interesting concept and idea you have, though there is not much to explore yet you certainly caught my curiosity and I look forward to seeing more.
I did feel like the character movement was a little quirky though, the horizontal movement stopped the instant I released the joystick(which is great for sprite platforming, but feels a little weird in 3D), the character also turns too quickly and it can make them feel floaty as if they lack mass.

Beautiful designs though and a world which makes me want to see more~

Next episode is up, and I have to say you were right~ Having a controller made a world of difference. The airdash was 100% responsive and I even learned glimbing ropes and walls was an actual thing.

It's a really fun and interesting concept, I could honestly see it being expanded on into a larger scale game~

I hope so, I'll try it with an Xbox controller next time since the xinput one didn't want to behave. I know it can make a world of difference sometimes to have a controller so I definitely look forward to giving it a try for next week.
Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it and that I could be of help~  

The game looks and feels very interesting though it was unable to detect my controller and I found that the airdash specifically was unpredictable at times. I'm going to give it another try next week if I can get a controller to work and see if that was strictly keyboard related however.

My main critiques are:

  1. The fire particles, while beautiful and fun can become a bit too numerous for their size and longevity. In many cases while fighting the security guys the sheer number of them caused their grenades to be visually lost in the chaos and hard to see before it was too late.
    On that note having said enemies spawn endlessly could be annoying as well because of the aforementoned chaos, but it does help ensure a sense of urgency pressing the player upwards.
    I'd suggest possibly reducing the size of the flame particles, making them not last as long or otherwise looking at various tweaks to make them a bit less of a screen clutter hazard. Perhaps fewer full sized particles that spawn smaller offspring embers?
  2. The air dash, (while currently I am unsure if it is strictly a keyboard control problem), but it often did not cooperate and sent me in directions I didn't want to go. I'm going to try again next week if I can get a controller working though and see, but otherwise the rest of the movement felt fluid and dynamic with the exception of double jumping being locked behind the dash.
  3. The exploding tech blocks that I have to destroy to progress? Having them deal damage to the player felt like it broke the flow of movement. Generally for a game that feels like it wants my movement to be fast paced and ever mobile, forcing me to stop to wait for the destructible block to vanish was frustrating.
Overall the game is very interesting, I adore the art style, the neon colors, and the sound design. I do think it has some rough spots that could be polished up though, but I look forward to seeing it grow and develop. Like I said before I will try to get a controller working next week and record another episode if so and see how it feels then.

I really did, I look forward to seeing the game develop.

Really an interesting experience, though I ended up playing the remake, original, and urbex all in one go~ Would love to see the project expanded into a larger story.

You've got a very interesting concept here and a very enjoyable demo. The visuals are stunning and I can tell a lot of heart went in even into the first 'demo' area. Likewise the controls are tight and generally responsive though I did have what seemed to be some frame dropping at times which threw off the double jump timing a bit, but that may have just been me.
Really looking forward to seeing how this game develops!

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It's a fun and interesting game, the visuals are quite beautiful and the sound is nice likewise.
You've done a good job and it's quite a neat concept. I'd love to see the game expanded and given a bit of polish in time~ (I'd suggest perhaps adding a line to show where your current jump angle would be, sort of like what you've got for aiming shots.)

Didn't see a comment box to put this in but just wanted to say I think you have a wonderful concept here, it's still a bit rough being a creative tech demo and all but I wanted to say the idea is amazing and that I think this will grow to be a very unique and enjoyable experience. I've always wanted to see a colony builder of this sort.

Hey just wanted to say I enjoyed the game. The style and gameplay were quite unique, although the story felt slightly ambiguous, I think it is well done overall.

Happy to share, it's really a fascinating game I greatly look forward to seeing more!

Oh that's great to hear. (I do hope that detection/hiding works a bit better in the final version though for the sake of interaction), but still I highly look forward to playing the finished version~

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Really interesting concept. My only critique is that her ability to detect you seems hit and miss at times, but overall the experience was great, very ambient and tense.

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This is really quite a fun and interesting little prototype. I've always had a fondness for the idea of a spider based game, or spider simulator and you've really got a nice fluid web building style, not to mention the subtle animations in the spider's body movements and legs. I really enjoyed it.

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Really a cute and amusing little game. Great job with the concept.