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There are no plans to do so yet. Sorry.

Please wait a little more for the fully translated game.

There will be further minor correction. All the story parts have been translated.

If you have seen Takepachi's 4th event, you have to spend time by exploring somewhere (mountains, lake, etc) to see Takepachi's final (fifth) event. If you haven't seen 4th event, you have to proceed main story.


If you are using Windows, save folder is under 'www' folder. If you are using Mac, it's under ''→'Contents'→'Resources'→'app.nw' folder.

You can collect money from village/fort/Yaro castle if there is the symbol of food/helm/castle.

Yes, there is recollection room for re-reading all character stories and other erotic events after the endings.

I don't have plan to make full Android version. But you can use Windows version if emulator app is working.

I think it's in a half year.

You can visit a Mine in the patreon version. In the mine, you can get some new items like gemstones. You have to proceed the main story to visit the mine.

There is no way to level up in this game, but you can make your character stronger by equipment/items and skills.

The whole story of this game is done within half year, so you are still Prego after reading Takepachi stories.

Ok, we will check these items too. Thank you for your information!

Thank you for your report! We'll check the effects of the items and update if there is a bug.
About Nue, you can beat it. If Nue is too strong, please visit him after you get cooperation of companions in various locations. When you get cooperation, you can learn 'Art'. Some 'Art' are very strong for beating Nue. 

Could you tell me which item(s) did you use? 

Full game version will not be free here. We will distribute it to the patrons in Patreon when translation is done.

You can transfer your save data to a new version by copy&paste 'save' folder. 

Did you get Flame Mesona? If you got, please visit the Amino castle to make ogre medicine. After you use medicine (insense of relief), the sword event starts. I'll check if these events work well or not this weekend. Sorry if this is the bug.

Hi. The newest versions are published on Patreon page.

Please proceed main story. In the story, you have to go to the Mine. You can gain gems in the Mine.

If you are playing the trial version, you cannot find gemstones.

It can be composed in Moritane's house.
It needs 2 Pond Water and 2 Water Lily. Both items can be found in the lake.

Hi! I don't have plan to make Android version, but you can play Windows version with RPG maker emulator.

Hi, you can get half monster cum in the event of the basement of the Yaro castle.  Please enter the room in the basement.

Thank you! We'll let you know when we need your help!

There is a library in the Amino castle. You can get information of items in the library.

Mine will be added in the next update.

I'm not sure... sorry.


In the case you use Android version, please follow below.

 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip with unzip app 3. Install RPG maker emulator app like Joiplay or MaldiVas, 4. Start the in the unzipped folder with installed emulator app.

I haven't tried with all the android versions, so I cannot assure that you can play it, sorry...

I will translate Takepachi stories in the next update. Sorry for making you wait!


The paper can be found in the slum. Sugar cane can be found in the lake.

Kazenori lives in a ninja village. You can proceed his story by paying money after you meet him in the village.
You can increase the attack power in the inn where Fujiyasu is working. You can go to the inn through mountains.

Good to know that!

Menu key is 'X' key. Have you tried to push 'X' key with the keyboard screen?

I plan to update one time for free version here. The product version will not be free.


・If you cannot save data or options, please move Game app to another folder and restart it.

・If you cannot open game app, please try:

When you unzip the zip folder, try 'The' instead of 'Archive utility'.

Or, try this:

Go into your "System Preferences > Security & Privacy" settings and in the "General" tab, there's an option you can select:

Allow apps downloaded from:


Hi. Jewelries cannot found in any English version now. They can be found in the mine. Please wait for the translation!

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Most of them are from here: (JPN and ENG) (JPN only) 

They provide royalty free music, so you can use them for your purpose if you keep to the regulations.

Someone created Chinese version for the demo version. I don't have plan to make full Chinese version now. 

Hi. You can go through the forest and encounter Nue, a huge monster. Please explore the forest more.