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Is it already over? They didn't update it anymore for months now, where is all the routes and there is no skip button.

Hello, is gonna be full voiced this time or this game will not have voice actors?

Walkthrough, please!

Thank you for the major update. 

I really want to ask why are you updating the side game, like the after game, before the real game? And even if this side game doesn't has nothing to do with the real game, will be the same characters in a state of happy ending.  This could mean massive Spoiller before reading the actually game, with looks like will take a looot more time to be out. 

I could totally understand the wait if it was not for the current world situation, because school, college, work, any of them is totally working, so this gives everyone more time at home to keep the promise deadline, but is rare to see people like that, so... Right now is a excuse to postpone, and then when the world go back to normal, will be postponed again for the same excuse work, college, but now will be true. And people paid por a deadline. 

I was totally gonna ask that, lol

I just want to know if is there any date for the release...

Yes. Has animated CGs and after ends for all boys and less bugs

Hello! Is already out with all after ends without bugd and animated CGs or will be add in a patch later? In the steam the version is NSFW or it's censored?

After ends as additional content? It won't be on the game? And where is the animated CGs? Is already on the game or are you planning to put next week? Because we waited 3 years for the game and now more 3 years for the animated CGs? 

Where is the weekly update? And the rest of the game?

I want to play it so badly, but I don't want to play all over again, so I will wait more 3 years for they to put the after end and the animated CGs, after all, I pay for the completed game and I don't want to replay all over again.

Noooooo, really? I want tops, but all NPCs are bottom? (Wait, you can get the NPCs?) And the secret characters? I read that it has 3, twins... 

No, they didn't update the after end or the animated CGs yet, so everyone playing now will have to play all over again to get the new goods when they decided to realised what we pay for it. 

I'm not playing now. I didn't not pay for q incompleted game full of bugs, I want the final game, but it seems will take months for they update the after end and the animated CGs... Sadly. 

Man, is a good idea, but I just want the animated CGs and the after ends... Play the game now incomplete and full of bugs like he is, is just a waist for time, because when the after ends and the animated CGs came, the people will have to play all over again.

And again... Waiting... Why didn't post the game with already everything on it and just correct the errors? Why released a incompleted game? Is just a curiosity.

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Hello, where is the after ends and the animated CGs? Is going to show in the next update together with the log button? Because this is not the completed game, I want to play the completed game, so please. 

Omg, three years waiting for this? The mini game is to boring, it doesn't trigger any event at work, you can buy all the things in the story, doesn't has any animated CG, actually most of their CGs are full of bugs, no after ends, no walkthrough, because has 3 other guys, no only the main guys and the opening doesn't show then, the voices are nice but also with a lot of bug, the background is nice, with a lot of bug too... 

So... My real question is, did they just released the game whatever without almost anything that they promised, to "updated later" (wtf is update later, this is not the completed game at all, updates are for bugs or DLC only, not for actually part of the game like the animations and after ends!), just looks like after 3 years, they just pretend to work and released the game for pressure without be completed. 

I'm not only bad talking, the characters of the games are beautiful, the japonese voices are nice to, the background too, but it's this, doesn't has any profund romance or anything like it, just a BL game about s.e.x, with all the materials, money and time their got, I was truly expecting more, sorry, but nice try, is not all bad. 

He didn't say it?

Good Night! Somebody could tell me when will be a update to fix the game errors, please? 

Ps: Man, I never buy a game before, I always wait for him to appear in the google, but I see all the work that all of you put in this game, and more than 100h of game? Is totally worth, but we really have to pay for the guide too? Guide, please ;-;