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Pretty fun small scale puzzle game! I enjoy the mix of graphical styles and the ease of controls. 

Thanks for playing!  When time allows we might look into fine tuning the speed boost and possibly lessen the amount of moving foliage present in the game as those might cause possible issues on lower end machines.

Extremely fun and addicting with a lot of gameplay elements that give a fresh feel to your average gem collecting.

Simply amazing graphics and visuals overall, impressed by the Ghibli- esque texturing work especially. Nice story and character as well. The levels look and feel natural with enough variation to make the environment interesting, but the placement of some objects might need some work as it feels like you are banging your head on an awful lot of things and just praying your jump will still be long enough to make it to the other side. Play feel is great and easy to get the hang of ! 

Amazing visuals (great enemy design!) and story, animations especially made an impression. Feels like a unique experience.

I found myself engaged and immersed from the start. A cute bunny in a whimsical nightmare world, I found the levels to be well designed and they gave me that feeling of "wow I'm so smart for finding that" even though stuff wasn't exactly "hidden", haha! The music was also a very fitting choice.

Could easily see this being developed further into a full game and would even pay some for it.

Fun little puzzle game that offers a nice amount of increasing difficulty without being too frustrating (ok, I may have ragequit on the 5th level after finally managing to pile all the snow up after like 15 tries and then falling off like a fool). Graphics and soundscape work nicely together and they really put you in that concentration mode. 

I'll definitely come back to this at a later date and try to clear all of the levels, great stuff!

Extremely fun game, fun gameplay and background story. Art is quirky and unique and fits the mood well. Would love to see a co-op mode and more levels to this in the future !

I love the mood, everything is adorably spooky and spot on! Overall a nice and fun game for Halloween.

The camera might feel better if it was fixed or slightly faster, it is dragging behind quite a bit and I found myself waiting around for it. Would also be cool if the ghost had some sort of animation to it when it's moving forward to match up with the other animated elements in the game.

Quite a fun game, great controls and camera

Thanks! Another level is under works, but no ETA on it yet! 

Quite pleasing to the eyes. Enjoyed boosting around

Wonderful warm color palette and style! Fun little game

A bit challenging at times but only makes you more determined to finish. Really enjoy the visuals in this!

An amazing visual style and UI elements! Great play feel as well

Fun game, rocket feels nice to control. Pickups are a little difficult to see due to the color scheme (yellow on yellow) but you kind of get used to it as you play more

Wonderful autumn-y setting! Dragons are always great. Nice usage of audio as well


Great stuff, I like how you've managed to make the levels look interesting with the limited model selection! Also like the varying enemy movement patterns.

Nothing is more terrifying than slowly sliding towards your inevitable death and being unable to do anything to dodge that pesky green enemy, lol.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I will try my best to make the game feel even better.

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Really impressed with the different pickup powers! Could easily play more of this

I like the visual style you have going! The particle (I assume they are made with particles or shaders?) planets are nice

Great visual style, loving the blobfish lol. The rotating discs idea is fun and unique!

Kiitos !!

Customizing your own ship is awesome! Effects and scene transitions make the game exciting and gives a sense of progression

I like the variety and the different movement of the obstacles, keeps things interesting! That shield is a great addition and saved my ass a couple times

Nice and distinct visual style!

Controlling the space ship feels great. Liking the particle effects as well

Awesome visual style, really like it! Was jamming to the music from launch and throughout the game