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Ah. That explains it. Personally the fix would be great but I've also got the option of running it on the hdds on my a600 and a1200s. I just like going the full retro experience and using real floppies when I can :) cheers for the reply.

Excellent game. I bumped into that last boss bug the first time I completed it glad its fixed. Do the new adfs recognise external drives now. Before I had to swap disks and it was a bit of a pain.

will this run on a 1541 Ultimate II+ and a sdiec? cheers

Its ok. Ive already spoke to tony about this on f.b. no updates... its just refers to the game as an update in an email after i got the game. My confusion was based on the fact theres many games i buy on that have updates straight after release fixing minor issues. Soul force being the last one.

great game. loving it. whats the updates for? is it vampire

thanks for 1.1, wanted to save my scores

very nice shooter thats similar to Gemini Wing. Nice parallax scrolling, music, balanced gameplay with a nice difficulty curve. Recommended. Looking forward to Sarah's next game.

do you have to buy that jiffy image in otder to play this game?

Simply an amazing game. Just as playable as any new game released today. Multidirectional scrolling and shooting, saves, great soundtrack, graphics and story. Simply breathtaking.