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Steam: hopefully it gets added to it, so I can buy it and add it to my library permanently and as well supporting the game when it's finished, for a demo I got 5 hours of content worth out of it, upon killing the Matriarch which I won't name where it is, but as far as I can tell I can't progress any further but enjoyed it much, primarily for me my greatest love is for open world exploration, what didn't hit me the right way would be the Volcano Challenge Area where you can't see where you're running and you just have to remember where things are when you die so it just becomes a memory game then, then after you make it to a checkpoint you're basically committed to having to complete it, but overall for me I loved the game (5/5 for a demo for the content provided) better than most other games can do that you have to pay for and only get a few hours :3